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Facts and religionPublishing Branden’s personal attack on Carne’s commentary adds nothing to the ongoing discourse surrounding individual worldviews. Such attacks, and quibbling over facts, are particularly useless in this exchange since facts are largely irrelevant in matters of religious doctrine or worldview. There are unquestionably many facts among accepted Christian writings and various biblical translations. However, religious dogma asks that believers take most of its message on blind faith. Provable facts are unnecessary, and there is no valid way to test most religion’s fundamental beliefs. As Don Rogers recently noted, worldview comes from the German word “weltanschauung,” commonly defined as a “conception or image of the universe, and humanity’s relation to it.” No facts required here. From the current discourse in the Vail Daily on worldview, creationism and intelligent design it could be concluded that fact results from simply saying something over and over – even for centuries – with great passion.Jim RisserEagle-VailLionshead’s new eraWith the beautiful new Arabelle project, Lionshead enters a new era. The Arabelle, however, needs indirect help. Why? Because once it is finished, the surrounding buildings will look even more unattractive. With time, they probably should be all replaced. If not, the Arabelle will not influence the image of Lionshead, but the old Lionshead will influence the image of the Arabelle, not so good and besides, the Arabelle will look sort of funny between the surrounding by far not so beautiful buildings next to it. This means also that highest attention has to be brought to the beauty and quality of the proposed parking structure deal, because it is the “entrance to Lionhead. Image and publicity is everything. People need to be drawn much more to Lionshead, so enough money can be invested over time into all of Lionshead. Sorry to say this, but if the proposed hotels and buildings etc.. look for examples like the new Sheraton Hotel or Westin Hotel in Avon, I see forever black for Lionshead. Lionshead is a equally important part of Vail and should try to achieve the same great image like Vail Village.So the town simply has to strongly enable the developers now to build the extraordinary, support them wherever possible, grant them extra height, but strictly make them put lots of the additional income into total beauty and quality outside and inside of their buildings. So much depends of it. Parking is not so important if nobody comes! Beauty is 10 times more important, but unfortunately also five times more expensive to achieve.Anyways , if I had something to say, before anything happens, I would first create much more cheap parking space by massively broadening the whole frontage road, build a beautiful stonewall as a curb along the highway and have the cars park sideways. This would also solve the upcoming terrible parking problem during construction of the project, besides the town would look much more happening and inviting for passing people on the highway. Sometimes one has to rattle the chains a bit to get more business – especially Lionshead!!!!Dieter MenzelGoodbye, AmericaGet ready for a whole new America. I’m just glad I had 30 years of freedom and sovereignty to enjoy in our great nation before we embark into this Project for a New American Century. George Bush, Vincente Fox and the Prime Minister of Canada together last summer signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America in Waco, Texas. Details can be found at http://www.spp.gov. This “treaty” of sorts describes the unification of Mexico, Canada and the U.S. for security and prosperity purposes. These three governments are aiming for 2010 to be the year when all parts are in place for Fortress America to be up and running. The new dollar for North America will be called the Amero. American sovereignty will be a thing of the past and all residents of our continent will be issued a biometric passport that will allow easy travel between the three countries. Mexicans will be able to travel freely across the border because, as George W. has said, there will be no border. There will be a huge super highway that will run from a port on the west coast of Mexico all the way up through Kansas City and traveling further into the guts of Canada. Exports from east Asia will arrive in Mexico and be trucked up through the heart of America. Mexican companies will be in charge of the inland port in Kansas City. Note: The largest avenue nearest the Kansas City Airport is called, Mexico City Avenue. As in the past, I’ve asked readers to visit http://www.infowars.com to learn all about the future for our country and our people. Whether this is all a giant government plan to improve the state of our union, there seems to be a question of wonder as to why the Bush Administration doesn’t want to admit that any of these plans exist. Lou Dobbs of CNN has spoken of this and wonders the same of the Bush Administration. Say goodbye to the America that you know and the green back dollar that we’ve all used for decades. Tavius SimsAvon

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