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Lots of support I am working hard not to be discouraged by the negative sentiment being expressed in Tipsline against the early childhood tax initiative. I know there are many, many people out there that support this initiative. I worked with the committees that met for over a year to complete the needs assessment of early childhood in our county and to develop a strategic plan that addresses all areas of early childhood development. The work of these committees involved over 100 people dedicating their time and expertise to work together towards solutions that would create the best outcomes possible for the children of Eagle County. Additional polling showed that just over half of those polled supported a tax to benefit early childhood development. This is not something one person is trying to push past the people of Eagle County. This is a well-thought-out plan that has had input from all stakeholders involved in early childhood development. This includes representatives from the health-care field, social services, education and law enforcement; these people support the tax increase. I would encourage those of you tired of hearing the negative view point expressed by those nameless in Tipsline to talk to your neighbors in education, health, law enforcement and see what they have to say. Visit the Eagle County Cares for Kids Web site at http://www.eaglecountycares.org and see who supports this ballot initiative and what the strategic plan hopes to accomplish. Jeanne McQueeney Eagle Great editionI loved the issue of Aug. 28.Come on, Don, now clue us in – how did he do? Was he pleased with his performance, did he finish, did he possibly win? And that same day there was the glorious description of the “performance enhanced” Duck Race. And yet another piece that I enjoyed was the reminder by Allen Best of the Big Thompson flood. And, oh yes, there were others of excellence regarding fly tying and senior citizens.But what I enjoyed the most was the eloquent letter by Bob Kinsey suggesting that Butch Mazzuca had done his research but arrived at the wrong conclusion. It’s all too true. Bob eloquently tells us that a wonderfully endowed nation will eventually suffer if there is a terrible economic disparity between the wealthy and the impoverished. We should all pay heed!Anyway – great issue! David Le VineAvonEditor’s note: David, the kid did great, landing himself a spot on the Fort Lewis College cross country team. Thanks for asking!

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