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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: TipslineWith regard to the comment on the traffic lights on the Edwards spur road: Eagle County, CDOT and five prominent Edwards metro districts (Edwards, Berry Creek, Lake Creek, Cordillera, and Arrowhead) have banded together to address the issue. Last year, CDOT and Eagle County completed an environmental clearance as well as the preliminary design of the northern portion of the spur road. Later next year this transportation coalition will complete the final design of three roundabouts. Look for the construction of these traffic improvements in 2008 if the construction dollars can be found.Helen MigchelbrinkRe: Eagle teen struck, killed by ambulanceMy name is Kevin York, and Joe was my brother. He was singularly the greatest person I ever knew and no amount of words will ever express the sorrow and emptiness that fills my heart right now. From the day he was born with pneumonia he was a fighter and remained that way until the end. It was his never quit attitude and beautiful smile that lit the lives of all those around him. He will be greatly missed by all that knew him. I would like to thank those that have come to us with open arms in this time of great need. Your prayers and gifts can only help see us through this dark and terrible time.Also I would like to take issue with the Vail Daily for printing my brother’s name in the paper without consulting us (the family) first. I find this crude and offensive and feel that the staff of this paper show no regard for my emotionally distraught family. Through a little research I have found that it is not illegal to print the name of a minor. However, most papers do not do so if the story doesn’t meet the following criteria for “newsworthiness”:1. The recent involvement of criminal activity equals newsworthy printing names of minors.2. 1979 – Smith v. U.S. Daily Mail – First Amendment gives the right to publish names of minors in newsworthy stories if the information is legally obtained and truthfully reported.Since writer Edward Stoner never gives the name of his source to be double checked and there was no evidence of criminal activity, I feel that the Daily had no right to print my brother’s name. Not to mention the fact that printing, “‘Investigators believe Creek had been drinking alcohol,’ Gibbons said” borders on libel. There’s evidence of this? You know this to be true or is it the Daily’s new policy to print speculation. What investigators? In whose office? Why haven’t these investigators contacted my family and gave us this important “information”? Why did I have to pick up this newspaper to find this so called “information”? Also, where is the name of the ambulance driver who struck my brother? Surely if the name of a child killed in such a horrifying accident is printable, the name of the person who killed them is printable as well. Who is Edward Stoner protecting? Surely not the right people.I find the acts of the Vail Daily and writer Edward Stoner absolutely reprehensible. I am beyond disgusted and can barely hold what little I’ve been able to eat down as I write this. The Vail Daily has only caused more pain to my family and I. They don’t care about the citizens of Eagle Valley, and especially not the families of those who die tragic accidents. If they cared more about the people who picked up their paper instead of entertaining them, maybe I would consider picking up an issue again. As it is however, that will likely never happen.Kevin B. YorkEditor’s note: Attempts to reach the family were unsuccessful. The name of someone tragically killed is important for an entire community that also grieves. There’s nothing remotely entertaining about these events.Re: Cops: Edwards man accused of rapeI cannot believe that some one will come up with so much stupidity all on their own, forget the numbers, would you? This is one man. Stop trying to blame it on all Hispanics. Not all of us are bad. There are Americans in Mexico, too, and they are treated like nothing but kings. We are not here to take your money. We are here to clean your house, the hotel you stay in, wash the dishes of the restaurant where you eat and yes, build your home, too – jobs that nobody else will do because they are hard and dangerous. Why don’t you think of that?Re: Taxing Question”I was at the Costco in Gypsum this weekend and noticed that the tax down there is 12.4 percent and I was wondering if anyone could answer why the tax is so high down at the Gypsum Costco. Vanessa Curry, Eagle-Vail.”I believe that what you are looking at is the two taxes that are at the bottom of the receipt. One for 8.4 percent, and one for 4 percent. I believe you added these taxes together, and now assume that you are paying 12.4 percent. I believe that one tax is for non-food items, and the other is for food items. I believe that on the receipt some of these items are grouped into one tax category, and the rest of the items are grouped into the other tax category. Quiesce PerquisiteRe: Prosperity for all!Hey Butch, you might want to stop using reason and facts to base your argument. That drives the liberals crazy. They like nothing more than knee jerk emotional ranting. Re: Woman seriously hurt in rolloverWe are praying for the whole family. We have faith the Lord will pull Diana through this.Bill and Charlotte Jordan and Andrew and Muriel Johnson Re: TipslineIf the tax cuts are so wrong, how did we get to the lowest budget deficit, by percentage, in over 50 years? So, in fact, this isn’t borrowed money, it’s the peoples money in the first place, not the government’s. Re: Woman seriously hurt in rolloverWe also will be keeping Diane, Dave and their family in our prayers.David Wallar FamilyRe: Where are the Hispanic candidates?Re: “Correct me if I’m wrong but if your (sic) an illegal you can’t run”This is a typical stupid Anglo reaction. To the Anglo bigot, every brown-skinned Latino is an illegal Mexican. Never mind that there are American citizens that you people call “Hispanics” whose families have been native Coloradans for six, seven, eight or more generations, longer than many Anglo families whose grandfathers stepped of the boat from Ireland or Germany four or five generations ago. Also, learn to use correct grammar and punctuation. Your ignorance is showing in more than one way. Re: Where are the Hispanic candidates?Correction: We weren’t addressing illegal immigrants’ political rights here. Just because we are talking about the Hispanic community, it doesn’t mean you have to assume illegals are in this discussion. Have some knowledge about politics and address them in a mature manor. It is upsetting, this ranting on the legality of a Hispanic even when the topic is totally off the subject. Remember America is a melting pot and as a melting pot it is important to address the issues of every individuals need. Racism isn’t welcome, bigotry isn’t welcome, and stereotype isn’t welcome. It is important for the Hispanic community to unite and be heard because the “legal Hispanic” community is growing, and becoming an important part of history. With that stated, friend or foe, politics aren’t all that alluring, but the right equilibrium is needed to prosper.”I believe it is an established maxim in morals that he who makes an assertion without knowing whether it is true or false, is guilty of falsehood; and the accidental truth of the assertion, does not justify or excuse him.” Abraham Lincoln.D.S. Re: Woman seriously hurt in rolloverMy prayers are with Diana’s family and husband during this difficult time. May God bless and keep her in his circle of love.Mary WeaverRe: TipslineIt’s not conservatives or Republicans who are destroying the Constitution, but the liberal left with their socialist agenda. If the whining Dhimmicrats ever bothered to read the Constitution, they might realize that the Bush administration is actually fulfilling its constitutional duties, specifically, attending to the defense of the nation (rather than misguided attempts at social engineering and undermining the national defense).Re: Bob Festival in Avon on hold for nowRevise the bridge by naming it after Steven Colbert, of The Colbert Report, on Comedy Central. He tried to get a bridge in Hungary named after him, but failed. The publicity will really help the area, because this guy is hot. Any questions please call me at (678) 427-8251.Re: Teachers get $6 million for payOh please, quit whining. You should be thankful that something like this grant did come to your school system. I teach in the Gulf Coast region. Trust me, you don’t have a thing to complain about in Colorado compared to what it is like in the South. Even on a bad day the Colorado school system is so far beyond anything we could ever hope for. …Re: Meth links grow in shooting caseWe all need to be very, very afraid of meth. Here’s an excerpt from the National Drug Intelligence Center: “The potential for methamphetamine-related violence is one of the most serious concerns of law enforcement officials in Colorado. Individuals addicted to methamphetamine often are unpredictable, frightened, and confused; they will also commit violent crimes to obtain the drug, particularly during the “tweaking” stage of abuse. Methamphetamine abusers often are paranoid and delusional and frequently arm themselves against perceived threats, particularly from law enforcement officers. The effects of methamphetamine have caused many abusers to assault or kill others, including family members and friends.” Also, “Methamphetamine is a primary drug threat to Colorado, and it is readily available in most population centers in the state. Most methamphetamine available in Colorado is produced by Mexican DTOs and criminal groups in Mexico, California, and Arizona.”Re: Clerk: Get your absentee ballots inMaybe they should have sent them by a reliable means. I submitted an application three times and finally got one ballot by driving to Eagle. I waited two weeks after the second application and still no ballot. It was supposed to be mailed back to me on the 17th of October, but no sign on Nov. 1 so I drove up and got one. Now I express mailed it on the 4th but had to use the same Postal Service that couldn’t get it to me in two or three weeks. What’s up, I understand I am not alone.Re: Roundup of recommendationsWow, I can’t believe what I’m seeing. A newspaper endorsing candidates! What’s next, the candidates wearing the Nike swoosh on their breast pockets? Whatever happened to “We report, you decide.” Yes, that’s Fox, but it seems like best practices for all mediums.Editor’s note: Nearly all newspapers endorse candidates and issues in their opinion sections, and have for a very, very long time. It’s not exactly something unusual. Re: Taxes can win war on terrorYou’re right about one thing, guy, this was a great country. Remember back in the day (gee, even as far back as Sept. 11, 2001) when this country was unified? It’s because of the constant bickering back and forth between you and the other guy is precisely why this country is so divided. Dialogue=good. Name calling/stereotyping/us versus them=bad.Re: Taxes can win war on terrorCalled my facts “screwed up”? Call them whatever you want to, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are facts. Plus, I’m too old to enlist. What are you trying to do, get me killed? Don’t answer that. When there’s a real war to fight, like my dad fought in, I’ll do it if they’ll take me. But fighting for the Allies isn’t the same as fighting for Big Oil and Halliburton, I’m afraid. It’s too bad you think it is, and it’s too bad your well-intentioned patriotism has been subverted by the idiots in charge of this once great country. Vail, Colorado

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