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Letters to the Editor

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Not compatibleRebuttal to Beaver Creek Merchants Association: Mr. Nolan unfortunately does not have his facts straight. It is unfortunate since readers of his letter unfamiliar with the issues were undoubtedly misled. If Mr. Nolan would have read the legal briefs submitted to the ounty commissioners, read the controlling documents or merely listened to the arguments presented at the county hearing, he would not have shown his bias and ignorance of the issues. This is not a case where Vail Resorts has the unfettered right to build slides on property it designated as a conservation easement.Everyone attending the county hearing knows Vail Resorts bargained away the right to have an alpine slide. Vail Resorts’ counsel admitted the right to construct an alpine slide was intentionally deleted by Vail Resorts from the amended PUD agreement and not added to the list of permitted uses. Two of the Beaver Creek Property Owners Association negotiators filed affidavits saying it was intentionally deleted because it was not compatible with the Beaver Creek environment. Vail Resorts’ attorneys did not file any counter affidavits. Had Mr. Nolan attended the hearing, he would have also heard Commissioner Tom Stone ask Vail Resorts why it was not being a good corporate neighbor by requesting authority to construct alpine slides in plain earshot and view of the homes it sold Beaver Creek residents. Mr. Nolan would also have learned that whether the slide is “liked by the residents” is absolutely the issue before the board since the governing documents provide that any recreational activity built on the conservation easement must be compatible with Beaver Creek’s environment. Finally, if he had attended the hearing, he would have learned that the alpine slide was opposed by over 2,000 homeowners.I suggest Mr. Nolan get his facts straight before misleading readers as to what is or is not relevant. The members of our homeowner and condominium associations in Beaver Creek love and care for the Beaver Creek community and the entire community of Eagle Valley that contributes to the special qualities of this place. Our homeowners organizations exist to protect our environment and its natural beauty from the profit-motivated interests of Vail Resorts and the Beaver Creek merchant community, who seem to put dollars ahead of the environment of Beaver Creek. We are not opposed to healthy, outdoor, athletic activities for families and children. We are opposed to the alpine slide, since this project is incompatible with Beaver Creek. Hopefully, Mr. Nolan will come to realize that point, and help to persuade Vail Resorts’ board and management team to halt the slide before it starts. Bill Stone, president of Highlands Lodge Home Owners AssociationTom Schouten, president of Beaver Creek Property Owners AssociationGood handsI would like to congratulate Sara Fisher. I think she is a good choice, lots of experience and her heart in the right place. The county is in good hands. Looking back at my campaign, I can see I have had one foot in the past and one foot in the future but I have obviously been out of touch with the present. The county has grown too large for an independent to campaign without a party. I have had several strong supporters, however that I would like to thank. I won’t list them as that is now in the past.Good luck and God’s speed, Sara, Peter, and Arn. You have a big responsibility on your shoulders.Roger BrownGreat to knowAfter hearing the news on Tuesday night that Referendum I had failed to pass, and that Amendment 43 had passed, I was deeply saddened – although, as soon as I read the election results for Eagle County, my mood changed. Although they may not have ended up the way I wanted at the state level, Eagle County voters approved Referendum I and voted against Amendment 43. It’s great to know that as a gay man living in this valley there is support out there, and that this community really does care about its members! I’m proud to be a member of this community, and I hope that some day the rest of this state will share the open mind that our community has! Lewis Mirelez Vail, Coloraco

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