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Letters to the Editor

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School mattersI have no idea how many young people read the Vail Daily, and I also have no idea how many might read this letter. But anyway, here goes:I sincerely hope that each of you will complete high school and go on to graduate from college. The statistics are really overwhelming! If you do it, you will likely earn about $1,200,000 more during your lifetime and you will be much more likely to own a home, have a long-lasting marriage and successfully raise a family. So do yourself a favor and complete your education! I fully recognize that financially, and perhaps even academically, it may be difficult, but somehow, work hard and make it happen! Furthermore, if you have any inclination at all, get yourself a degree in engineering while you also take courses in American history, political science and, economics. In my opinion, the degree will afford you the best opportunity for economic success and those courses will help to make your life after college more interesting. Jobs in this world can be dull and life can be difficult. So I’m asking you to give yourself the opportunity to make it otherwise – to be able to find a satisfying job and an exciting life! Please go on and graduate from college! David LeVine Third in lineNow that we’ve had some time to sit back and digest what exactly happened on Nov. 7, let’s take a closer look at the speaker-elect, and third in line to President Bush, Rep. Nancy Pelosi.I’m going to begin by saying Pelosi is as liberal as they come. If you think that’s just me making this up, think again. Americans for Democratic Action (a Democratic run think-tank) gave Pelosi a 95 percent liberal rating. In a time of war Pelosi has repeatedly voted against an antimissile defense system even as North Korea continues its weapons tests. She has also voted to reduce funds for the B-2 bomber, which has performed exceptionally in both Afghanistan in 2001 and Kosovo in 1999. She has voted against any measure to incorporate a fence along our southern border, and against a national identification card fashioned to hinder terrorists matriculate in this country. And even after the Sept. 11 hijackings that led to over 3,000 deaths, Pelosi has voted against a bill that would allow commercial airline pilots to carry guns. As far as making life easier and more affordable for Americans, it seems Pelosi is against that, as well. When energy costs were at their highest, Pelosi voted against drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR). According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, ANWR drilling would yield over 10.3 billion barrels of oil. Pelosi also voted no on constructing new oil refineries in the U.S., a move that would certainly lower gasoline prices at the pumps. How about giving Americans tax breaks? Nay to that as well. Pelosi has voted against eliminating the estate, or “death,” tax, the marriage tax and against giving small businesses tax benefits and breaks to help strengthen the economy. And the speaker-elect has no intention of extending the president’s tax cuts, which are currently helping to fuel the American economy in a big way. Well, Rep. Pelosi must be for education reform, right? Well, only if you’re a minority. Pelosi voted in favor of giving over $84 million in grants to African-American and Hispanic colleges. However, she voted against giving vouchers for students to attend private or religious schools. What about keeping the Pledge of Allegiance in our classrooms? Not if Pelosi got her way. She has voted against protecting the pledge on numerous occasions. It’s scary to think this woman is third in line to the president. God forbid anything happen to President Bush or Vice President Cheney. Could you imagine living in a country run by President Pelosi?Derek LucasEagleVail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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