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Letters to the Editor

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Nature’s workYou are full of cow manure! Your understanding of the history of the Eagle River is absolutely false. My dad is nearly a century old and his memory is the same as Kimberly Wagner. The river along Brett Ranch was never heavily wooded. Cattle and sheep grazing have nothing to do with the way the river is today. The river is the way nature made it. The only difference today is that because of Homestake Reservoir, the river does does not flood and spread over the entire valley floor as it used to. Someone is trying to rewrite history to suit their own agenda. Susan Nottingham Burns A lot of foodOn behalf of the Vail Police Department, Salvation Army, Freedom Ranch, and Food Rescue Express, we would like to thank the community for coming together and supporting the sixth annual Make a Difference Day Food Drive.This year over 63,000 pounds of food were collected to benefit the less fortunate in our community. Since its inception, over 80 tons of food has been distributed. The schools that participated in this drive are the backbone of the program. The schools and participants in the Make a Difference Day Food Drive are Red Sandstone Elementary, Eagle Valley Elementary, Avon Elementary, Minturn Elementary, Eagle Valley Middle, Vail Mountain School, Vail Academy, First Bank of Vail and Avon, City Market of Vail, Avon, and Eagle, Colorado Inspectors, Tivoli Lodge, Safeway, Village Market, Sims Market, Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, and Dirk Ethridge.Please keep the Salvation Army, Resource Center of Eagle County and Food Rescue Express on your donation list. They help so many of our neighbors in need throughout the year. Thank you to all who helped make the sixth annual Make a Difference Day Food Drive a success. We look forward to collecting 100,000 pounds next year!Moses GonzalesVail Police DepartmentA fableWe cannot have blind faith in our elected officials:Once upon a time, there was a land over the mountains. Distanced about 100 miles west of an international airport, it was known to all as, the land of Eager.Located in the land of Eager was one of the largest manufacturing companies on the continent. The company, Apollo Sports, was reputed as No. 1, by Sky Magazine.This recognition created an enormous demand for the company’s products which, in turn, created an enormous demand for a labor force to keep pace with production demands.Soon, visitors were drawn to the land of Eager and hotels, restaurants, retail shops, big boxes, immense housing density, and infrastructure, sprang up to support their needs.Oops, more laborers need to be recruited.The board of directors at Apollo Sports and community business members realized they had to dangle a more attractive carrot in view of potential laborers they were trying to recruit from near and afar, very far, and south. They went to seek advice from a group of Eager’s elected officials affectionately known as the Three Dems, or the Three D’s.”Gee,” lamented a member of the Three D’s, Pierre Onion, “we have expended endless amounts of taxpayer dollars to build houses, schools and provide free services to the laborers. How else can we attract more low income laborers to the land of Eager to fill job vacancies?”The senior Three D’s member, Darn Macaroni, asserted, “Well, we have provided housing, hospitalization, education, busing, school lunches, welfare checks, a Chevy in every yard, and nearly emptied our government coffers. Still, we have a labor shortfall. Let’s try something new and perhaps, a little controversial. Let’s construct a huge building where the present workers can drop off their kids early in the morning, and pick them up, late in the evening. That way, both moms and dads can work. Imagine how many new laborers this could supply!””Heck yes!” exclaimed Pierre Onion. “We could provide free buses that go to the homes of the workers to fetch the toddlers and return them at day’s end! We could even hire staff to ride the buses and care for the needs of the tiny passengers. We could hire and train more teachers and social workers. Wow, just think about all the new job positions we could create for our friends in the land of Eager!”Whoa, I’m skeptical that educated community members will buy into this contentious program,” stated the third member of the Three D’s, Fara Tuna. “This may smell a little fishy to our constituents. They may not wish to throw public funding into a financial sink hole such as this.””No problem,” Darn Macaroni said. “We’ll just sugarcoat the program by announcing how important it is to care for kids. The duped citizens and taxpayers will be eager to permit us to reach deep into their pockets and government coffers for fistfuls of cash!”Mike Reid How dare you?I am surprised and disappointed that a commentary such as the one by Dana Jurich regarding Donald Rumsfeld would be given the honor of being printed in your newspaper. It is flippant, immature, fallacious and extremely self-righteous. I would guess that Ms. Jurich has not lived through any wars and has no concept of the high level of decision-making involved in these events. I suggest that she cannot criticize these actions when she has not “walked in those shoes.”Sandy YarnellVailVail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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