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Letters to the Editor

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We said ‘no’There seems do be a huge disconnect in the thinking of the local politicians. We have just recently finished voting and already these politicos have discounted the results they don’t like.Menconi and Co. have stated that they will pursue their “For The Children” initiative through other means. I take that to mean that regardless of the will of the people they will just use other parts of the budget to enact the programs the majority has decided they don’t want.Your article entitled “Another shot at home rule?” should be entitled “We’re going to keep spending the county’s money until we get the answer we want.” A little unwieldy maybe, but far more accurate. How much does a special election cost anyways? This commission is acting like a bunch of spoiled brats that keep whining for what they want until the parent gives up in exasperation. Someone needs to turn them over their knee. You politicians need to learn that no means no. Ryan Bowers AvonBring ’em homeIt is quite possible that the James Baker commission will recommend that we open a dialogue with Iran and Syria in order to gain their help in resolving the Iraqi mess. Their suggestion would be that Mr. Bush, or his designated envoy, should go (hat in hand) to President Assad of Syria and President Ahmadinejad of Iran in order to explain to each of them, why it is in their best interests to have a stable Iraq. In my opinion that would be a most naive recommendation. For starters, Mr. Bush will not do it. But even if he did, neither Mr. Assad or Mr. Ahmadinejad would say, “Hey, you’re right. I should have thought of that.” And worst of all, if the two leaders ever did begin to talk with us, their terms would involve our ceasing to support the Jews of Israel and/or our willingness to abandon the Christians of Lebanon. Equally repugnant thoughts!So do we just stay and continue to kill both Shiites and Sunnis in order to prevent them from killing each other? That’s exactly what we’re doing! And while doing that, we also have our servicemen being killed or wounded; we continue to raise the level of hatred which creates new terrorists; and we continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars! If not, what course of action is left? I believe that it is simply to bring our servicemen home immediately! We cannot end a civil war and dictate a workable democracy in Iraq; we cannot depose an irrational president in Iran; and we cannot convince Mr. Assad that Syria would fare much better if they stopped fomenting unrest in Lebanon. In short, we should allow all of those religious fanatics to muck around in their own countries while we firmly declare our unlimited support for those who would be free – the people of Israel and the Christian patriots of Lebanon.David Le VineNo comparisonOn Oct. 11, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave the keynote speech for the pro-Islamist American Task Force on Palestine. In that speech, Secretary Rice condemned Israel’s “daily humiliation of occupation” of Palestinian Arabs and stated that there “could be no greater legacy for America than to help to bring into being a Palestinian state … for a people … who have been humiliated too long.” She also compared the PLO/Palestinian Arab movement to the American Revolution and implied a political equivalency between current PLO leaders and America’s founding fathers.George Washington never advocated the destruction of England. None of the founding fathers of our country declared that America’s independence required the end of English sovereignty in Britain. The Continental Congress did not send suicide bombers into the cafe’s and theaters of London, did not massacre women and children vacationing on the Isle of Wight, and did not teach American children that 70 virgins would offer them post mortem delights if they died while killing English students in Oxford.Secretary Rice’s Oct. 11 speech perverts Israeli and American history to serve the unsavory end of justifying the establishment of a jihadist PLO state in Israel’s Biblical heartland. President Bush needs to indicate publicly his disapproval of her immoral rhetoric by ending his support for a PLO state, and begin his support for Israel’s sovereignty on all of its historical and Biblical homeland. Such a brave stand against Palestinian terrorism on his part will help mobilize his American base of political support, and demonstrate that he does not deserve the low approval numbers he is currently receiving in public opinion polls.Arthur KittayEagleVery generousOn behalf of all the Vail firefighters I would like to thank Sonnenalp and Cascade Hotels for their generous gift of thanksgiving dinners to the Firehouse. What was not eaten by hungry firefighters was given to other on-duty personnel throughout the town. Your kindness and generosity is, as always, greatly appreciated. Once again we are reminded of the true spirit of Vail: the spirit within. Capt. Jim SpellB-Shift Vail Fire and Emergency Services Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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