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DisappointedI don’t understand Eagle County! They spend a lot of money to enlarge the senior center and bring it up to date. What do they do next? They bulldoze the memorial garden (in memory of Lucile Lieber) and replace it with the unsightly gazebo, which is far too large for the area.Who has ever seen a gazebo in the front yard? In any home I have seen that has a gazebo, it is to the back and cannot be seen from the front. There is no respect shown to Lucile Lieber, who started this whole program.I can express my opinions without retribution. The seniors who live in the apartments don’t feel safe to express their feelings, as their lease may not be renewed.I agree wholeheartedly with the letter Lucy Barker wrote. So much truth and little speculation.So are our senior citizens to be told how they live, or just to be told, “You will live as you are told”? No comparison!I’m very disappointed in the commissioners. Virginia RoseEagleWrong guy for jobExxonMobil is the leader and founder of the global warming denial industry. It contributes to groups such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute that ran the infamous TV ads proclaiming “Carbon Dioxide isn’t pollution. It’s life!” Exxon hired APCO, the same PR firm used by the tobacco companies, to con the public into thinking that the scientific consensus on global warming was weak when it is strong. The Washington Post has recently described ExxonMobil as the “highest-profile corporate skeptic about global warming.”So I was surprised to learn that the Bush administration has chosen Lee Raymond, ExxonMobil’s recently retired CEO, to lead a major study to determine America’s energy future. The oil and gas study is supposed to examine the viability of alternative energy such as wind, solar and biomass – something Lee Raymond and his cronies at Exxon know little, and care less, about. ExxonMobil is the only major oil giant calling alternative energy an “uneconomic” investment.Is Lee Raymond the best visionary Bush’s Energy Department could come up with to help steer our nation into a new energy future? Or is this simply pay back for the $67m that ExxonMobil spent on in-house and contract lobbyists between 1998 and 2005. In either case, I’m worried.The energy study group, like the Iraq study group, has the opportunity to significantly influence government policy and public opinion. Stopping global warming is of particular import to the people of Vail and the surrounding communities that rely so heavily on the skiing industry. Naming Lee Raymond its chairman condemns the review and is a disservice to Vail, Colorado and the American people. Nicholas Josefowitz Avon Bit of a rush hereI am shocked and dismayed by the people who want to pass judgment on the dog owner and the dog that allegedly bit the child in Singletree. As a parent of three and a Singletree resident, I am concerned for the child, but I am equally concerned about the people wanting to pass judgment without knowing all the facts.Unless I’m missing something, there has been no trial, no conviction, and we’re only hearing one very well orchestrated, biased, side of the story. Maybe we need to be concerned about the parents who apparently left the child unsupervised to wander off into a neighbor’s yard? Where is their responsibility? This all reminds me of the Old West, where we build the gallows, hire the hangman, while we give the defendant a fair trial. Allen Christensen Edwards Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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