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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COTerrible accidentIn Eagle County, according to the Vail Daily, there were 107 dog bites-attacks in a 18-month period. That is more than one a week. Does each of these dogs need to be euthanized? It is not always the dog’s fault. Who are we to know the facts? Who are we to judge the owner of the dog or the parents of the child? What has been said is that the dog was on his property, the child was not on hers. This was a terrible accident. The blame, crimes charged, dogs being euthanized, etc., should not be happening, period! It was a terrible accident that might not have happened. But it did. It does not mean that people need to be charged with crimes, euthanized or children taken from parents. Unfortunately, people find the need to place blame. It is the way of the American world now: sue, blame, sue, blame, then sue and blame some more, or maybe it is blame then sue. Take responsibility for your own actions. Remember, when you point a finger at others, you are pointing three back at yourself. The public can’t judge. This could have been my dog or yours or my child or yours. This needs to be dropped! For all parties involved, including the dog and, of course, the child.Tracy SamuelEditor’s note: The authorities have not determined whether the attack occurred inside or outside of the dog’s property. That will be settled in court.Bring dog homeThe owner of Max has done everything possible to try to reach an agreement regarding the fate of the dog. It’s time to let the dog go home.Cathy FletcherWhat parking crisis?Thank you, Hope Thomson, age 10, for your brilliant poem “I Wish …” in “My wish for a better world” children’s poetry contest. I’ve read it numerous times. My English is not the greatest. I started learning it when I was 31. I am 45 now and I thought I could speak it. You inspired me to study just a little more. Let me start with writing.I always read papers. That is what I did on Dec. 7. First I went over to Garfield, and laughed, then I read Hope’s poem and cried from happiness. Then I read “Vail’s parking crunch,” by Edward Stoner, page A4, and cried, this time from despair.I hope that everybody in-volved in a kind of thinking presented in that article reads Hope’s poem. Do you think that we would change anything in this world if we did not have people with a different view? Remember Galileo? Galileo’s originality as a scientist lay in his method of inquiry. First he reduced problems to a simple set of terms on the basis of everyday experience and common-sense logic. Then he analyzed and resolved them according to simple mathematical descriptions. The success with which he applied this technique to the analysis of motion opened the way for modern mathematical and experimental physics.He firmly believed that the Earth revolved around the sun. The church and almost everybody in Europe believed that the Earth was the center of the universe and was stationary. Challenge to this view was considered heresy, crime punishable by death.Did the sun ever revolved around the Earth? Was the Earth ever stationary? Well no, but people believed so.Could we please stop believing that more parking is needed? Could we please change the old record, pardon, CD, and start believing in some more creative ways to satisfy our need for bigger and better?Venice is having more and more visitors all the time despite the fact that they did not build parking structure under St. Marcos Square. How about Trois Vallees, the French ski area as big as the six biggest resorts in the U.S. put together? Not too many parking structures, a lot of trains and buses and over 200 ski lifts. Well, they are having a bad snow year over there. Warm weather. Do you think that might have something to do with us, on this side of the ocean, and our big, “safe off road” vehicles, overly gas guzzling, a lot of CO2 spitting, must drive right to their place of business, and of course, not pay for parking.If Europe is without the snow, that is better for us. They all will have to come over here to ski, driving their small, little gas guzzling, amphibians across the ocean. Oh my God, where are they going to park?Maybe, just maybe, somebody can come up with a creative idea of solving a “parking problem” of Vail instead of just building more parking spaces. Lets do a “My wish for a better parking in Vail, without structure” contest. If we have a train, or what ever we can come up with, instead of Your Majesty Car, then all the Misses Hoffmans of Vail can hire their assistants easily, and they will be able to be driven right to their place of business in the center of Vail. Of course, no parking fees involved.There will be a cost, but why not make it for a future? Galileo was a part of a Renaissance period. Can we be a Snowaissance and not let dark forces of the cars-running-everything come in power of the Age of Aquarius?Dijana KozarAvon

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