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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COTaken too lightlyMany thanks, Don Rogers, for your excellent editorial on the most common crime – drunk driving.You do the community a great service by raising the profile, and focusing on the gravity, of this often lightly-dismissed crime.I was very disturbed to have read in the current edition of another regional publication a featured “man-in-the-street” survey about the silliest and most over-enforced laws (or words to that effect) in which one respondent complained that DUI/DWI is one of those “silly” laws. Sadly, those laws – nationwide – are not nearly as rigidly enforced as they should be, often due to a light-handed judiciary and the frustrations faced by law-enforcement officers in successfully bringing those criminals to justice. I am pleased to read that the Eagle County law-enforcement officers will be redoubling their efforts in this regard during the Christmas holidays.Thanks, again, for your support.Joe McHughVail Absurd use of tax moneyDon Quixote arise and save us. Windmills invading the Vail golf course? What an absurd use of taxpayers’ dollars. I can’t believe that the Town Council would give such a proposal a moment of serious consideration. That’s $2,554 per day ! I’m not sure how much wind would be required to run these contraptions, but down on the valley floor we don’t see a lot of wind except for the occasional raging storm. Then we can’t see three feet. Might I suggest Wyoming for this experiment?Frank McKibbenAwesome showWhat an awesome event your town hosted Dec. 9! The only thing better than this first-class Counting Crows concert was the top-flight management of Highline Sports. I flew in all the way from Michigan and was not disappointed. Congrats to the Vail Daily and all the Highline staff for their great work especially James Deighan.Wyman YawBattle Creek, Mich.Wonderful dinnerWe wish to extend a great big thank you to the Bowles family of Eagle Ranch for hosting a wonderful Christmas dinner for nearly 50 senior citizens of Eagle. Thanks also to their many friends who helped prepare and serve the delicious meal.They all have demonstrated the true meaning of the Christmas season.God bless you all and have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy 2007.John Bade The Senior Citizens of Eagle Always a sad storyIn the early days of Vail our family lived directly over 1stBank at the Crossroads. The Crossroads was where the bank, the post office, the liquor store and Super Foods were all located. Everyone came there almost every day.Those were also the days before the leash law in the village was enacted. My two little boys saw a box marked “Free Puppies” near where the Children’s Fountain is now and brought a sweet, black, male Labrador puppy home, riding him in their bicycle basket. Jumper became their constant companion. He ran free and happy like all the kids and dogs in Vail Village did in those days.But when Jumper was about 2 years old, he suddenly began sneaking up on delivery men in the Crossroads parking lot. At first it was reported to us that he was acting aggressively and snapping at them. Then we were told our dog was trying to bite people. One day as I was looking out the window, I saw Jumper, unprovoked, grab the leg of a man and bite.It was a very sad, hard day for all of us when we took Jumper to live with a downvalley rancher. We loved out pet; he was one of the family. What we learned from that experience is: Once a dog bites, it will bite again, no matter how friendly its past nature has been. Dogs are animals. If it is in their nature to bite, they cannot be trusted not to repeat their behavior.The tragic incident of Max and Zoie prompted me to write this letter. I cannot imagine the anguish of the child’s parents can also relate to Max’s owner’s affection for her pet. But I hope my letter will give them and all pet owners pause for thought. It may also act as a wake up to homeowners and especially homeowner associations to check your liability insurance. You may be surprised to learn that most carriers will not protect you when an animal labeled as vicious or one that has acted aggressively is housed on your premises.Carolyn Teeple Swanepoel

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