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Letters to the Editor

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Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COA good manDear President Ford: Admittedly, I laughed along with many others in the 1970s when Chevy Chase et al launched or enhanced their comedy careers on “Saturday Night Live” and other shows by doing exaggerated pratfalls and stumbling that supposedly in some way emulated some of your experiences. Ironically, however, I also knew that this was a bum rap since you were in all probability the most athletic president in U.S. history.You could golf in your 80s (how many of us can say that), were an avid skier and an excellent swimmer, all of which pales by comparison to your football career, where in your senior year you were the MVP at offensive center as well as defensive linebacker at the University of Michigan, which if I’m not mistaken has a pretty decent football program. In addition, let us not forget the offers from both the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions to play in the NFL. However, let me just say that more important than your athleticism would be the characteristics you exhibited while serving the country in the Navy, in Congress, as vice president and subsequently as president, not the least of which would include integrity, honesty, morality and tolerance. Would that we had today in Washington politicians that encouraged dialogue, discourse and bipartisanship such as you did during your political career. Most of all Mr. President, you were a good man, along with being the right man at the right time when we greatly needed one in 1974. I know that you will rest in peace, because you, sir, have earned that privilege.Richard LeFevreEdwards A grateful momI would just like to thank the people of Vail. My son and his friend have been in Vail now for a couple weeks hoping to find employment. I have heard so many nice things from my son Jason about the beauty of vail and how nice the people are there. Being this is his first excursion on his own, I’m so glad he chose Vail as a place to go. It’s very important to all parents to know their children are safe when they go across the U.S. on their own. I’m very pleased to know the town and the people of Vail have been so kind to him. He loves your town and all the things your town has to offer, but Jason always comments on the people and their friendly welcomes. It makes me feel at ease to know he is in a nice community, and I’d like to thank you for the hospitality you’ve shown. May God bless your town and its people and i wish you the happiest of the holidays. Beverley Folckemer Mechanicsburg, Pa. Amateurs!Last week we had Tom Brokaw step out of his Ivory Tower for a day to educate America about illegal aliens. And now Don Rogers claims to hold the key to solving the problem! Both men obvious amateurs.Most countries around the world have solved their illegal alien problem by not tolerating illegal immigration. Mexico enforces their immigration laws and then calls us racists if we try to enforce our immigration laws. If Glenn Spencer or Congressman Tom Tancredo were given the job of solving our immigration problems, the problem would be solved!Priscilla EspinozaNuevo, Calif.

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