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Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COFeet to fireKudos to the Vail Town Council and Farrow Hitt for finally making Vail Resorts toe the line on parking. When one considers that VR has caused most of the parking problem and made boatloads of money in the process, is it to much to insist on adequate parking now in exchange for zoning that would allow VR to realize another $400 million to $600 million in sales? T.J. Conners Vail Guide didn’t cut itHaving grown tired of the same old sniping and negativity, I stopped reading Kaye Ferry’s column a couple of months ago. Finding myself sick in bed this past Wednesday, running out of daytime dramas and infomercials, I took a look at what she had to complain about this week.First, let me acknowledge Kaye’s intelligence and enthusiasm. I think all of her critics would agree that these are her two greatest assets. But her constant complaining is old and tiresome, far outweighing these attributes. Kaye could be such a positive contributor to this community. But from her viewpoint, if you espouse an alternative opinion, you are not voicing a different view, you are just wrong. Too bad.As “a longtime observer of Vail government,” Kaye is no doubt well aware of the rules of engagement during council work sessions. You go with the knowledge that you do not have a right to speak, but with the hope that you will be called upon to do so. As a member of the Commission for Special Events, I too attended the meeting on Nov. 22. I encouraged several other CSE members to also attend, but the invitation came with the above caveat. We did not get to speak, either.If those 19 business people alluded to in Kaye’s column feel they deserve an apology, it should come from Kaye for misleading them into thinking that they were going to get to speak during the work session. Kaye and others have used the “small but vocal minority” tactic too many times in the past to railroad council proceedings. Slowly but surely, it’s not working as often as it used to.Kaye is mistaken when she states the Vail Guide is “the only complete listing of Vail businesses that is free to the public.” There is another type of publication that fills this bill. It is called the Yellow Pages, and at least three publishers produce them for the town of Vail. Most consumers are conditioned to use them and, unlike the Guide, they are readily available at too many locations to list.The argument that the town owes it to the business community to subsidize Kaye’s Guide is weak at best. Sure, for the most part the town runs on the sales tax that is collected by the business community, but it pays for far more beneficial services such as police, fire, public works, streetscape and a host of others that go a much longer way to help the Vail business community than a single publication.The town has to draw a line somewhere and the Guide fell on the wrong side. Will the lack of free listings for all businesses in a particular magazine spell the end of Vail commerce as we know it? Doubtful.For the record, I believe the Vail Guide should have remained the fulfillment piece for the Local Marketing District. Sending a publication to a targeted audience with an inclination to come to Vail would be of much more value to the town and its business community. Even so, this would still not have warranted the huge subsidy that was requested.The Town Council gets to look forward to a lambasting from Kaye every other week in chambers and every Wednesday in the Daily. Why? They have volunteered to step up and try to make this place better for all of us. They are elected by the majority of people that live here. Allegations of conflicts of interest and personal attacks are uncalled for, especially from someone who has refused to step up and run for council. It’s a lot easier to sit in the cheap seats and throw darts than it is to sit behind the table and make decisions as to what is best for our town.Until Kaye can come up with positive solutions to the problems that face us, she does not deserve the ink you give her every week. Will it ever happen? We can only hope so.Stephen ConnollyVailPowder spoilerThe unintended, and truly ugly, consequence of John Silver’s “new high-speed” replacement for Chair 5 would be even faster spoiling of new powder in Sun Up and Sun Down bowls. We already have high-speed quads in China and Blue Sky. That’s enough.Trygve MyhrenDenver/Vail

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