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Letters to the Editor

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Misleading data

Recently Eagle County School District released its annual report to taxpayers.

Under the heading “Academic Excellence,” the report touted the district’s Advanced Placement (AP) program as evidence of the rigorous college-level preparation it provides our students. The report stated that 343 students took Advanced Placement exams with 158 earning grades of 3 or higher. (A grade of 3 or higher is accepted by many colleges as successful completion of a first year, college-level course)

That’s a success rate of 46 percent. That sounds pretty good.

However, when one reviews the national distribution of grades on the AP exams offered at Eagle Valley schools at the College Board’s Web site, one finds that across the nation students achieved grades of 3 or higher 59 percent of the time (on exams administered in 2006).

Our student’s success rate is 13 percent lower than the national average.

As with the CSAP, it seems that the school district is hoping we take its statements of high performance and quality education at face value. Unfortunately, a little digging reveals how misleading the district’s statements actually are.

Holly Roof


Parking spaces

Don Rogers was right to praise CU President Hank Brown, for eschewing reserved parking spaces for big shots.

Unless they have to scramble for a place for their car along with everyone else, how can they be expected to notice if there’s a parking problem that needs attention?

Don’s next assignment is to address the reserved parking spaces at the Eagle County Courthouse and Justice Center. What is the justification for those?

Terry Quinn


Broken promises

On Tuesday evening I carefully listened to the “State of the Nation” address by Mr. Bush. In my opinion, he and I both wasted one hour!

I did learn that he now has some concern regarding global warming ” which he referred to as “climate change.” (I can only suppose that he chose that term because the “liberal” Mr. Gore is so strongly associated with the words “global warming.”) After six years of silence, he also informed us that we should reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil.

Oh yes, he also stressed the need for “fiscal discipline” after presiding over the country during the wildest deficit ride in its history and never vetoing one single spending bill.

And finally we learned that he now believes that something should be done about the coverage and costs of our health care system. I could only think, where the hell has he been for the past six years?

I also heard the same threatening words that I have heard about 20 times before. They include mention of Iraq, the whole “Middle East,” al-Qaida and the threat of “terrorists following us home.”

At least he didn’t warn us of WMDs and mushroom clouds, and he most certainly didn’t mention his promise to capture Osama Bin Laden.

He would obviously like us to forget those exaggerations and failures.

I couldn’t help but think how badly we need a thoughtful, compassionate, forward-looking, peace-loving president! We need one for a great many reasons, and our country needs one in order to restore our reputation as the most wonderful nation on earth.

David LeVine


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