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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail, Colorado CO

What’s Christian

I was dismayed by the reporting of Paul Shockley concerning the Grand Junction Library controversy.

Accuracy requires that the Alliance Defense Fund, “an Arizona-based organization that litigates Christian causes” be identified instead as “an organization that litigates religious-right wing causes.”

Many who call themselves Christian celebrate the full library display called “Love makes a Family.” For instance, The United Church of Christ, a 1.8-million-strong church descendent from the Pilgrim fathers, hears God speaking to us that gay and multiracial love lived in faithful relationships are equally authentic expressions of God’s love as is heterosexual love among heterosexuals.

Perhaps most of what the Alliance Defense Fund litigates we would object to as contrary to God’s still-speaking call to honor the full diversity of God’s creation.

Ms. Anderson may feel “led by the Lord to speak the truth” but I feel just as led by the Lord to challenge her definition of the truth.

I also define myself as Christian and thus advocating a Christian cause. News media must stop promulgating the notion that what is “Christian” is what right-wing, fundamentalist Evangelicals say is “Christian.”

After all, they were deeply complicit in giving us the current incompetent administration in Washington, which has totally ignored the latter half of the Ten Commandments and just about all of the Sermon on the Mount.

Bob Kinsey



While visiting Vail for a skiing trip, I had the pleasure of reading Dana Jurich’s article, “Africa, our next frontier.”

Congratulations for having the courage to speak out and put things as bluntly as they are. Too often, people in this country lack the wisdom or the guts to recognize situations that are obvious for the rest of the world.

Keep it up and continue to open your readers’ minds.

Dan L. Dusleag, M.D.

Bloomington, Ind.

Drive safely

I would like to ask our valley commuters to pay more attention, especially during winter driving conditions.

This Valentine’s Day morning, eastbound on I-70 near the 159-mile marker, there was an accident. CDOT had warned of this accident being in the right lane on the message signs both at Eagle and Wolcott. As traffic approached that area, most traffic, including an ECO transit bus, all merged into the right lane and when rounding the corner, had to come to a stop so cars could get into the left lane to avoid this accident scene.

Given the road conditions, this could have caused yet another accident, but luckily did not. People, please slow down and use your heads!

Mark Vodopich


Sorry in advance

I suck at roundabouts. My apologies go out to everyone I have accidentally cut off in the past, and all the people I will inevitably cut off in the future. Roundabouts are unavoidable in this valley, and the rules for driving in them have never been to clear to me, resulting in much confusion and many annoyed drivers who then lay on the horn. Sorry everybody ” I’m doing the best I can!

Leslie Thompson

Red Cliff

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