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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Barbaro mistreated

In my home there are more animals than people. I cherish their companionship, throw the ball, study them, ride them, hug them, camp with them, doctor them. In the last half-century I have had to euthanize a lot of my best friends: colic, collisions with cars, stroke, laminitis, old age. Part of me died with each of them.

It is pathetic that people found hope and inspiration from the annihilation of an innocent horse. The educated knew that the moment Barbaro’s leg snapped in half he should have been euthanized on the spot.

Barbaro’s destruction began centuries ago when humans decided they could improve on a good thing. Horseracing humans breed for speed ” tall, lean and thin-boned. Three-year-old colts are not fully developed and their fragile baby bones break.

People heard about Barbaro only because he ran incredibly fast for a short while. The uninformed are sad he was euthanized ” eight months too late. The educated knew that Barbaro’s hooves would fall apart from three-legged “stall rest” and the shattered dignity of a stallion hanging by his belly from a sling.

Humans mortally injured this animal, initiated the medical heroics, and made a pretty, heart-wrenching show of it. Shooting him on national TV would have been too heinous.

Morally, they should never have in-bred Barbaro for race-winning strengths, producing inevitable bone-snapping weaknesses, in the interest of making millions. Subsequently, Barbaro’s owners lost tens of thousands trying to “save” him. Good. Too bad they didn’t loose face. The humans of horseracing have learned nothing.

Thankfully, Barbaro will have no progeny. The world doesn’t need any more genetically selected race horses just so that selfish humans can break their legs.

Bambi Forbes


Great speaker

Thank you to Vail Symposium and the Bookworm for bringing such an important and inspiring speaker, Greg Mortensen to the Vail Valley. It was encouraging to have so many attend! If you missed it, read “Three Cups of Tea.”

Kendra Doepken

Investigate Ginn

Concerned citizens and officials would be well advised to investigate the Ginn Development Company’s environmental record in Florida. What he did there is what you will get here. Florida developers are notorious for their disdain for the environment, which is exceeded only by their ignorance of it.

Bill Thompson


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