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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Judge not, Rev.

I can’t believe that the Vail Daily would publish the rambling, pointless column written by Rev. Van Ens about Anna Nicole Smith under the religion section of your paper. In it, the reverend condemns the media for sensationalizing Anna Nicole’s death and then he proceeds to go on for 14 more paragraphs condemning her and pointing out the more sordid details of her life.

He quotes the Apostle Paul “Avoid the godless chatter …” Rev. Van Ens should take his own scripture quotations to heart. And he should also be aware of another “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

Let’s say a quiet prayer for this poor, sad soul, not drag her through the dirt in the name of religion.

Kathy Cook

Beaver Creek

Generous people

As the former CEO of the largest fundraising consulting firm in America I read with interest Matt Terrell’s article related to fundraising in the valley. Everything he wrote was related to event fundraising.

In 2005, my last year as CEO, our firm raised $6.1 billion for schools, churches, hospitals across America. We did not hold one auction, sell tickets to one banquet or sponsor one golf tournament. We did it the old-fashioned way ” we asked people to give it for the sole purpose of experiencing the joy of giving. Our client’s cost for fundraising was less than 5 percent in most cases.

While the organizations in the valley are doing a great job of event fundraising, there is a way that will compliment those events. That is an organized plan to simply ask people to give. You might be amazed at the generosity of people who give with no thought of “getting” something in return.

Ben Gill

Addison, Texas

Sore losers

So, let’s see here. We hold an election to decide on an issue only to read that our decision is wrong, according to one individual. Does one individual have the power to over-rule the people who elected him?

If we the people voted, then we the people should mount a recall.

I’ve noticed that voting is the way to get things delayed forever in Eagle County. This causes prices to increase and more voting and delaying of the issue. Just watch and look at Vail to see how the business of government is run. Honest representation is missing here if we stand for these types of actions.

What is my vote if it doesn’t count? I am big enough to accept a loss, so should our officials. Every one of them.

Ken Moore


Don’t trash it

I was wondering if Crossroads is simply going to meet the bulldozer?

It would be a shame to see all of the reusable materials wind up in the landfill.

Solaris has a chance to set a valuable standard for future redevelopment around the Vail Valley. Even though approval has been given, I would encourage them to take a positive L.E.E.D. (yes a play on words) and make the project as environmentally responsible as possible.

Here today, in the landfill tomorrow is not sustainable, nor is it environmentally, socially or economically responsible.

It is estimated that nationwide construction and demolition waste account for more than 25 percent of the waste stream and the figures in Eagle County put that number closer to the two-thirds mark.

Alternatives to demolition can divert up to 90 percent of the solid waste and contribute significantly to local economic gains.

Donate this waste to nonprofits, such as Recon and Habitat for Humanity. It also will increase the number of worker days at a living wage, which increases in-town spending and again puts money back into town coffers. (Bulldozers do not tend to buy snacks and coffee or Carharts.)

I hope Mr. Knobel and the Solaris development team is reading this. I hope that they look at it as an opportunity to do the right thing.

I also hope Vail and the rest of Eagle County take a look at this very real problem and address it aggressively.

Jason Lightfoot


L2 Innovations Inc.


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