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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
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Speak up, Eagle

The Town of Eagle is at a juncture. Residential development is out of control; traffic is crazy; and there is a push and pull between the Eagle Town Board and some citizens as to how to remedy our fiscal situation.

Don’t throw your hands up in the air and say, “Oh, development is going to happen, anyway!” This still is a democratic town, and you do have a say in what happens.

Unfortunately, we cannot do it from the comfort of our home. We must be proactive. In this case, proactive means educating yourself on the pros and cons of the issues by reading the paper. Attend planning and zoning commission meetings ” the first and third Tuesday of the month ” and Eagle Town Board meetings ” the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Check Eagle’s Web site for the agenda so you know when to show up.

Also attend the Eagle Area Community Plan meetings. The town is presently updating the 10-year-old plan. Write letters to the Town Board and send a copy of them to the newspaper. If you need information on how to go about doing this, please call me, Annie, at 328-6825 or send an e-mail to anniesue@mountainmax.net.

Once educated, it’s a no-brainer as to what is in the best interest of the Town of Eagle and its citizens. We really don’t need anymore residential development ” all it does is cost the town more and more money ” or commercial development. Have you noticed how many retail and office vacancies there already are in existing buildings?

Prospective business owners are waiting to see if the town is going to approve the Eagle River Station development proposed for east of town. The proposed large regional shopping center would be in direct competition with shops and restaurants in Eagle and would have the advantage of a new interchange right at its front door! Why, no one would have a reason to move on to downtown Eagle or any other shopping areas.

Quality of life versus convenience ” that brings up another issue in regards to the project. Some say it’d be nice to have shopping close by. But, what is the cost for that convenience and why did you move to Eagle? Did you move to Eagle for convenient shopping or the special quality of life that we enjoy? Well, you can kiss that quality of life goodbye if Eagle River Station or any more significant residential development is approved, and here’s why:

You think the traffic’s bad now? What about the additional traffic coming down Brush Creek? Adam’s Rib already has the Frost Creek project with 100 homes, and a private golf course, so you have homeowners and employees for that one. Then, you have the rest of the Adam’s Rib property with about 100-plus homes, and another proposed development that calls for 1,300 homes. And, the build-out of Eagle Ranch.

All of these people take several trips a day to and from their homes; they have people who work for them such as, landscapers, snow plowers, lawn-mower people, house cleaners, babysitters, etc. Excuse me, but where the heck are the 1,800 employees going to come from? If you read the paper, on any given day there is an article about the employee housing shortage, and there are not enough employees to fill existing jobs in this valley already!

Do you know the No. 1 reason why we have an employee problem? Because, no one can afford to live here. If we continue to build high-end residential and commercial projects, we will continue to create even more employee and housing shortages. It’s irresponsible!

Sprawl is not beautiful, look at what has happened upvalley. And, it also creates incredible light pollution. Have you seen Costco from the interstate?

And how about air pollution? Has anyone noticed how the air quality has worsened in the valley?

What would happen to the 600 elk that winter in Brush Creek Valley if they put in another 1,300 homes? There is no where else for them to go.

The bottomline is get informed, get involved, and realize that each and every one of us can make a difference in Eagle’s future. The next planning and zoning meeting about the Eagle River Station project is Tues. March 6. Check the town’s Web site, townofeagle.org, for the agenda so you can gauge what time to go.

Annie Egan


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