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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Respect the process

Our county commissioners represent the voters, which is why we call them public servants. We depend upon our commissioners for their honesty, and the well-being of our community depends upon their integrity.

Early child-care is complex, but responsibility is not. The commissioners either do the right thing or the wrong thing ” it’s that simple. There are no shades of grey when it comes to governmental ethics, just as there’s no “interpreting” voter intent other than we said no to 1A last November.

Bobbi Bryson

Choose what, not if

While agreeing with the view that Eagle River Station would alter our lifestyle here, I believe that we cannot ignore the fact that ultimately a development of some kind will be built in east Eagle. There simply is too much development pressure, because no more land is being produced. We only get to choose what, not if there will be development here.

For this reason, organizations such as noboxineagle need to offer alternative plans for development. The idea that we can keep saying no way to any development is not feasible or possible.

Mark Jordan


Respect the process

I recently read the letter from a Diamond Star Ranch second-home owner regarding the proposed Eagle River Station project. As a nearly three-decade resident of Eagle County and six-year resident of Eagle I personally have appreciated many of the amenities measured growth has brought to Eagle.

I am also very pleased the Town of Eagle had the foresight to annex the 100-some-acre site for the proposed Eagle River Station. The town has an extensive land-use process that includes public comment and involves the Eagle Planning Commission and the Town Trustees.

Rest assured in this process town officials will weigh resident concerns, benefits and impacts of any new development.

The Eagle Area Community Plan is a legally adopted land-use plan where future growth can and should occur.

When a parcel is called out for potential expansion of the town, such as this 100-acre parcel, there has to be a point where people live with the plan, the process and the decisions.

Charlie Wick


No means no

When a lady says no, she means no. When the voters say no, it means maybe? Apparently our county commissioners seem to feel that way. Even without the implication of the unusual high costs down the road, the voters still said no. What don’t the commissioners understand?

This is not a political issue. It is an issue of honesty, plain and simple. Nobody has the right to imply that the voters were only voting about how early childhood programs would be funded. That is not what was on the ballot. It was very clear. What is not clear is what one commissioner might be thinking.

Commissioner Menconi will be out of office pretty soon and will be looking for a job. What would be more perfect than having a child-care czar position open up created by this distorted approach of circumventing a vote?

Commissioner Menconi would be the perfect candidate since he appears to be the front runner on this attack on our system of democracy.

He doesn’t get the right to dictate. He only gets the right to represent the people. If he can’t do that, then he should step down, which brings me to the crux of the matter, recall.

That’s not an easy word to say, but when a mistake is made, it needs to be rectified. If the other two commissioners follow his lead, they are just as guilty, and citizen recourse through recall is the only answer. What say you, voter?

We don’t need loose cannons that do what they damn please. We need commissioners who listen to the people.

Arthur Kittay


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