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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

Things have changed

I would like to share my views on the proposed $1.6 million expenditure for early childhood development. When I first saw the ballot proposal, I was opposed and took the view that if parents would just spend more time with their children we wouldn’t or shouldn’t have to spend this kind of money, and it really wasn’t my responsibility if parents chose to work too much to spend the time they should with their kids.

Since then I’ve come to realize that things have changed in this county a lot since I was rearing my two children through early childhood. When I was raising my children through their early years, 15 to 20-plus years ago, we could afford to have me work full-time and my wife work part-time and still make the payment on a modest single-family home. I guess simply put, I can’t see how any couple can even afford the down payment on a modest home in the county anymore, much less make the payment on anything less than two full-time incomes.

I think it was everyone’s dream to someday own our own a home when we first came here, and I think those who come to settle here now are no different. Although I still believe couples need to sacrifice material comforts for quality time with their children, I would hope all could afford to at least own a modest home here.

This is why I think we as a county need to support these young couples in providing the best care possible for their children while they work hard just to have a home to raise them in.

I believe that what is proposed may not be perfect but it is a great start to provide support for the workers in our community.

As a county employee of 16 years, I think that Eagle County’s government is a perfect example of how decent pay, opportunity for career training, development, and advancement, as well as a good benefit package, build an organization of devoted, well-trained, caring employees.

I believe this proposal gives our child-care providers the same kind of situation that will retain good, well-trained, caring employees to provide children of hard-working parents some of the tools they will need in their development.

In early childhood my children, (two biological children, ages 25 and 20, and all three stepchildren, ages 20, 18, and 15) had the same kind, and caring preschool teacher at Mountain Tots Preschool in Eagle, and she still asks about them all by name to this day.

I would hope that by spending the money for early childhood development the taxpayers of Eagle County could provide young working couples starting a family here today the same opportunity.

Tom Ehrenberg


Tried to buy local

I checked on airline tickets the other day so my son and I could fly out of Eagle Airport on the first leg of a trip to go see my son on his return from Iraq.

I was so shocked to find out it would cost us almost $450 more to use the local airport instead of going all the way to Denver.

I would love to support all local business but the Eagle County Airport won’t get my support. Why is this so much more costly to leave from Eagle than from Denver?

Just curious about the huge cost difference.

Theresa Ladenburger


Why I write

Several days ago I was asked why I chose to write so many letters to the editor. My response at the time was, “I don’t exactly know.”

Well, since then I have given it some thought, and the explanation goes something like this.

I truly believe that each of us must be participants if our democracy is to be successful. The barest minimum is to thoughtfully cast votes at election time. Perhaps the maximum is to be elected to public office and conscientiously serve in some capacity. But there really are lots of “in-betweens.”

There are some who frequently contact their elected representatives and there are many who choose to “march” in support of some cause.

Finally, there are those who seek to use words that might influence the thoughts of their fellow readers or listeners.

I fit into that category because I believe that public opinion does make a difference.

When we look back on our history, we quickly learn that important events have resulted from the power of public opinion.

For example, our country was born because a group of citizens joined together and brought about the Revolutionary War before any government had even been appointed or elected.

The demonstrations that lead to women’s suffrage and equal rights for our black citizens are two examples of the will of the people changing our society and our laws.

Most recently, our environmentalists have been pretty successful in preventing the administration from doing damage to our public lands and compromising our clean air and water. In all of these cases, the motivation of the people lead the government!

My firm belief is that all forms of participation are important in a democracy. This is our beloved country and we really can “make a difference.”

David Le Vine

Flouride debate

I wanted to remind you all of an issue that I touched on a couple years ago. An issue that affects millions in our country everyday.

I want to remind you about the perils of public water supply fluoridation upon our health. This scourge upon our population can not continue. I recently watched a Google video called “Fluoride Deception,” very well done, and was completely disgusted by the video and how this topic goes undiscussed year after year, especially in our health-conscious Colorado mountains.

The doctors early in the video who are pro-flouride are also pro-cigarettes, pro-asbestos and pro-lead, bound by bad information from the ’50s and ’60s and lots of money.

The doctors later in the video who discuss the hazards and the toxicity of fluoride have modern information and represent the truth. Big business doesn’t listen to these people.

The fluoride our government uses to poison our water is 66 percent from industrial waste from the phosphate industry of Florida. That industry prefers to discard their waste into our water supplies and not poison the marsh lands of beautiful Florida. A wonderful alternative!

Almost our entire water supply across the nation continues to be poisoned while 98 percent of the Europeans has refused fluoridation.

This toxicity is linked to attention-deficit disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and other neurological defects, bone diseases, cancer, etc. Vail water is great minus chlorine and flouride.

Drink good water! Learn more at http://www.fluorideaction.net and God Bless.

Tavius Sims


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