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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Nice job

Congratulations, Matt Terrell, on a very succinct article on the Black Gore Creek meeting, the culmination of years of work resulting in a usable tool to measure stream health. And you conveyed the significance to the public without once mentioning the user-unfriendly term “TMDL!” (Which stands for “total maximum daily load.”) I am very pleased the Daily has an environmental reporter on board who can synthesize complex issues so well. We are fortunate.

Anne Esson

Not Skico’s fault

I am appalled at the attitude of people like Larry Miller of New York who huffed at the suggestion that Aspen had not marked the spot where he went under a rope, skied out of bounds, and hurt himself. Perhaps if Larry had taken a proactive approach to knowing where he was and skiing within his knowledge and ability “the Skico” would not need to mark every rock, cliff, and tree or fence every boundary. It is yet another example of people avoiding personal responsibility and seeking scapegoats. It is irresponsible for anyone to get lost from a recreational ski area. Get a map, hire an instructor, ask another rider/skier, but for everyone’s sake, take some personal responsibility when you choose to play in the mountains. Have or get the gear, skill, and knowledge to be self-sufficient. Go out with the intent and advance preparation as if you are totally self-dependent for your safety and well-being. And please stop blaming ski areas for the wonderful access they provide just because of your inability to know where you are.

Howard Bentley


Taxpayer’s rights

To the county commissioners:

With regards to the early child development program, I am dismayed at the intense level of disdain for the voters and taxpayers of Eagle County, the depth of disrespect for the will of your constituents, and the boldness of your mockery of our democratic due process. Your elitist acts of abuse and power constitute a radical departure from the expected conduct of county commissioners and elected representatives.

Your management ideology is not responsive, but rather, prescriptive. You and your advocates for child-care development are writing the social engineering prescription for Eagle County; a treasonous prescription that pre-empts government of the people, by the people, for the people.

You and your legion of followers took your cause to the ballot box and your tax increase was rejected for a very obvious reason; how can your constituents approve tens of millions of dollars to fund a phantom program, which never received their approval in the first place?

The onus is on you to present to the voters, a child program that passes the litmus test of public scrutiny; a program that embraces sound business principles, accountability, checks and balances, scoping documentation, and, most important, short and long-term budget commitment.

As county commissioners, exert your leadership skills and political prowess to facilitate this process. A pilot program for child development needs to be presented for voter and taxpayer approval.

If this mission is accomplished, you will have earned the respect and fiscal support of your constituency and you can proceed to the next step; voter approval for funding, at the ballot box.

You cannot and should not institute any social program, expending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, by personal or political fiat.

Eagle County is a sanctuary for citizen’s rights, as guaranteed by The Constitution of the United States; it is not a sanctuary for oligarchy and tyranny.

You have been chosen by the voters of Eagle County to represent the will of the people.

You must refrain from allowing your personal agendas to overshadow responsibility to your constituents and your oath of office, to uphold the principals of our constitution.

I am but a singular voice, but I echo the sentiment of 7,200 of my countrymen; tyranny and injustice will not be tolerated in our homeland.

Mike Reid

Sick of excuses

Why does Comcast provide such poor service in the valley? It would seem that by now they would have all the bugs worked out of the system. It takes a week or longer to get a service tech to the house and then it’s always the same excuse; Comcast is making improvements and service should improve soon.

For what they charge they should have someone to my house each morning just to find the remote.

Bob Gollick


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