Vail Daily letter: Be considerate around park |

Vail Daily letter: Be considerate around park

Dear neighbors,

As the summer season events in the Eagle Town Park begin with Flight Days and the Thursday night concert series, please be considerate of your neighbors who reside around the park. A few easy things will help everyone enjoy these events better:

Parking: Please do not block driveways, garages or alley ways. Diagonal parking will allow for more people to park along the streets.

Pets: Please be a responsible pet owner and keep your pets on leash and pick up after them.

Trash: The town provides many containers for trash and recycling — please use them!

Property: Please do not set up or cut across yards or private property without permission.

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And finally, please slow down on Fifth, Sixth and the cross streets. There are many pedestrians at these events, and lots of small children. Please slow down so there are no accidents or injuries.

Let's make these events enjoyable for everyone, including your neighbors living around the park. Thank you.

Cindy Jones