Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on 4A |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on 4A

As a Gypsum native, I have always admired our local firefighters.

As a grade schooler, I remember them teaching us about fire prevention and safety. As a parent, I appreciated them teaching those same great things to our two boys.

They were the first to respond to many calls from my parents as they needed assistance in their later years. They were the first to respond 14 miles up Colorado River Road last year when our 15-year-old son was badly injured in an electrical accident. A lot of folks never realize how important our firefighters are until they really need help. What a sense of relief it must have been to our fellow citizens in Dotsero and up Spring Creek this summer when they saw the fire trucks rolling in to extinguish the fires! The Gypsum Fire Protection District has been faithfully serving us for many years. It is a district made up of caring men and women that have made a choice to protect us, and it is a district that is in need of funding.

Without your “yes” vote, the Gypsum Fire Protection District will make further changes to its budget that will diminish the level of protection that we are accustomed too. Without your “yes” vote, the following changes will immediately take place:

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• Coverage will be reduced from 24-hour coverage to 18-hour coverage.

• Coverage will be reduced to 5 days per week.

• Two full-time positions will be eliminated. This is a 50 percent reduction in full-time staff!

• One part-time position will be eliminated.

These reductions will greatly reduce the level of protection that we need from our district. I urge you to look at the numbers and vote with your conscience.

Please vote “yes” on 4A.

Bill Baxter


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