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Look who’s whining now


Richard Carnes

“It’s not fair!” they shout.

“We’re being persecuted for our opposing views!”

“He’s shredding our Constitution and bankrupting our country. Impeach the SOB!”

Sound familiar?

Of course it does, and we were all subjected to such verbal diarrhea for the entirety of the Bush administration, no matter how much of it was based upon speculation or outright fabrication.

Oh, you thought I was referring to Obama?

Silly reader, I was referring to them both, actually.

Those who whined incessantly about how Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld should be prosecuted and jailed for incompetence have now been replaced by their polar opposites whining about how Obama, Holder and Pelosi should be prosecuted and jailed for incompetence.

Round and round the political blame game goes. Where it stops, nobody …, well, most of us actually know that it will never stop.

See if you can tell who these respective whines were about:

“He held hands with a Saudi king!”

“He bowed toward a Saudi king!”

“He’s no different than Hitler!”

“He said ‘act of terror’ instead of ‘terrorists act’!

“What did he know and when did he know it?”

“He hates America and has purposely ruined our economy in order to make himself dictator for the New World Order!”

The first was about Bush, the second about Obama, and the next four were — and still are — being said repeatedly about both. (Warning: Jeb Bush is coming!).

You are incredibly naive if you think government tyranny is exclusive to only one political party, as both sides stretch the truth, distort data, tell outright lies, create outrageous photoshopped memes and emails and spread them as fact, etc.

Do I ridicule Republicans for their onslaught of whining today?

Of course I do, but not one bit more than I ridiculed Democrats for their whining of yesterday.

They both deserve it.

But for the record, I refuse to blame Bush for the failed economy any more than I give Obama credit for its rebound.

The final repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, which at that point began allowing commercial bankers to play in the worldwide sandbox with big boy investment bankers, was the true culprit.

Anyway, those who cheered last week when some moron in the audience looking for quick fame refused to stop interrupting Obama are the same who whined with indignation when another moron did the exact same to Bush.

Those doing the opposite are no better.

So now the IRS is intimidating, yet you were all for them when they were investigating the NAACP? You’re gushing all over Obamacare, yet went ballistic over Medicare Part D?

Hypocrites all.

They don’t hate the other side for what they think nearly as much as they hate the other side for what they think they think.

I think.

Accept that Republicans will continue to blame anyone not in their mirror and think the answer to whatever question being asked is to bring guns and bibles to tea parties, while Democrats will keep claiming that capitalism and global warming will kill us all anyway, so why bother debating the details?

I recommend we all do our best to ignore the whining of both.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at poor@vail.net.

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