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Lowe: Working together to find common solutions

Glenn Lowe III
Guest opinion
Glenn Lowe III

My name is Glenn Lowe III and I am running for House District 26. Having raised my children in Eagle County, where I too was raised, I am inspired and motivated to represent a place I love.

Like many, I went through the Great Recession of 2008. I experienced the same highs and lows many of us in this region endured over the last 20 years. I lost my home and my business. I even became a full-time, single father.

In the end, I made it through. I kept working hard as a business owner, setting an example for my two boys. I have made it to a place in my life where I can apply the same persistence, dedication, and work ethic I exuded in my family and business life to representing House District 26 in Denver.

Education, public safety, the economy, and conservation are but a few of the many pressing concerns I have heard and listened to over the last many years. These issues are not isolated or insurmountable; there are solutions. I believe that the best way to address these concerns is through collaborative efforts that can bring the voices of our communities together. Being raised by local communities and local values offer me the insight necessary to be the conduit for our mountain community voices.

Alexander Hamilton wrote in the Federalist Papers: “Divisions at home would invite dangers from abroad.” I believe this sentiment is true at every level of our society. The local division has negatively affected our small community’s ability to be unified and cooperative.

I believe I have a unique opportunity to be not only a representative but a community leader that can set an example for bringing people together. I grew up in a family and friend circle filled with Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters. Twenty to 30 years ago, party affiliation did not matter. We respected each other as individuals and we had conversations for growth and learning, not for conversion. After an election, everyone came together and came up with solutions that were best for our communities. It worked. I feel that is what we need to get back to.

The primary period of voting ends next Tuesday, June 28. I ask for your vote. I ask that you allow me to be your voice in House District 26. I will be an example of good and positive communication at the state Capitol. Together, we can bring the small-town feeling back to our communities as we address our local issues jointly. I look forward to being your next representative for House District 26. Thank you!

Get to know me better at LoweForColorado.com.

Glenn Lowe III of Eagle is a candidate for State House District 26.

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