Man involved in fatal accident on Highway 6 in 2015 offers apology to community (letter) |

Man involved in fatal accident on Highway 6 in 2015 offers apology to community (letter)

The judge called me Anthony Chase; my friends call me Thane. On July 23, 2015, at 5 p.m., I was involved in a fatal accident on U.S. Highway 6 in Wolcott and Sergio Morales lost his life.

My choices leading up to that moment were reprehensible and void of integrity. I owe my community a sincere apology. I put everyone at risk by driving while impaired, and more than one person could have been killed that day. I live with the heavy weight of what I have done. I think about Sergio and his family all the time. My poor choices changed all their lives forever. How do I even begin to make up for all that they have lost?

The judge did me a huge service by sentencing me to prison; this has helped me to deal with what has happened and gain new perspective. I now see each car on the highway as full of people who have loved ones waiting for them to return home. Driving while impaired in any way is not OK.

Today, I have been given a second chance, and I will not squander it. I will share my story every chance that I get in hopes that it might spare even one person from going through what the Morales family had to go through.

I have been blessed with great friends, and I want to thank those who have supported me: my wife Marcia Chase, Dwayne Olsen, Ron and Don Hedrick, Guy Middleton, Donny Weller, Tom Chase, Bill and Sarah Chase, Cotton and Dustin Juedemann, Rob Baumgarten, Charley Hedley, John Hays, Frank Shaub and so many more. I would not be here without your help; I love all of you.

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I vow to be fully present and available to connect with others struggling in similar ways, to provide a higher level of service to my community, to teach what I have learned, to provide jobs to others rather than doing everything myself and to always ask for help when I need it.

If your life is in a dark place, I will listen and may be able to offer a different prospective.

Thane Chase

Silt, 970-376-5077

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