Many absentee Eagle-Vail homeowners feel like Metro District isn’t listening (letter) |

Many absentee Eagle-Vail homeowners feel like Metro District isn’t listening (letter)

Responding to Chuck Toms, chairman, Eagle-Vail Metro District (“Eagle-Vail needs a broad community dialogue,” Thursday, Feb. 22): You promised to listen, but I am afraid you may not like what I have to say.

You make a special point of explaining how Eagle-Vail is a largely property tax-supported community, meaning that the majority of your funding comes from taxes paid by Eagle-Vail property owners. More than 50 percent of these property owners, myself included, are not Colorado residents and are, therefore, not able to vote on any issue the Metro District proposes, be it a sales tax or a ski lift or any other issue.

There is something wrong with the system when any 18-year-old ski bum with a Colorado driver’s license who is renting a room in Eagle-Vail for the season can claim residency and full voting rights, while the majority of the property owners, who are footing the bill, are completely disenfranchised. It is hard to have a dialogue when one party has no way to respond.

Non-resident property owners can only express their opinions on issues that come before the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association, where all property owners have equal voting rights. The result of the recent election has clearly demonstrated that Eagle-Vail property owners are looking for a new direction, and maybe the Metro District should view this as a response from the taxpayers, instead of relying on general third-party telephone and email surveys.

Since you mentioned the ski lift, I feel justified in stating that I personally feel that it could be a wonderful addition to our Eagle-Vail assets because it somehow would fit perfectly into our sporty, outdoor activity oriented image and be of great benefit to all members of the community. Needless to say, the property owners would likely enjoy a significant boost in property values, and for this reason, I am certain that the great majority of all Eagle-Vail property owners share my opinion.

Thank you for listening,

Hanno Fontaine

Eagle-Vail and Jupiter, Florida

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