Mark Williams best choice for Congress in the Second District (letter) |

Mark Williams best choice for Congress in the Second District (letter)

I am a true believer in the principles and ideals that ‘“Make America Great” and who supports and votes for candidates who “talk the talk and walk the walk.” This has led me from the Republican Party, as it abdicated its role as the standard bearer of these values, to finding myself a registered Democrat.

In the 2016 elections the Democratic Party also abandoned these principles for monied special interests. In subsequent elections, we have seen candidates of varying genders, race and persuasions prevail in their races by professing these values and ideals. The days of blind party loyalty need to end and a return to truth and principles begun.

To continue to blindly support and elect candidates, who take money from party leadership committees and monied interests will continue to provide the type of leadership we have now. I am reminded of the description of insanity as “continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results.”

The DNC leadership is making it clear who they support and want us to vote for. Their hand chosen candidate to represent Colorado’s Second Congressional District is simply continuing on the same path while we are hoping to arrive at a different destination.

Mark Williams is campaigning to be the Democratic candidate for Colorado’s Second Congressional District and doing so without any PAC money, while the Democratic Party is supporting his opponent, a corporate lawyer who has taken in almost $700,000 for the primary in this solidly blue district.

While it may be challenging and time consuming, I encourage all voters to exercise their right to examine the candidates and to support and vote for the candidate(s) who most closely align with your values and vision of America.

After examining the choices for candidate, Mark Williams is receiving my support and my vote on the June 26 primary.

Rick Heinzmann

Fort Collins

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