Mazzuca makes a few incredible points amongst throwaway ‘random thoughts’ (letter) |

Mazzuca makes a few incredible points amongst throwaway ‘random thoughts’ (letter)

In his latest column, Mr. Butch Mazzuca tries to make two points that I find incredible. But he cleverly wraps these points between humorous throwaways about grammar and such so as to make them more palatable (“Random thoughts,” Monday, Sept. 3).

Firstly, he states that while he believes the NFL players who kneel have a right to protest that is protected by the First Amendment, perhaps by doing so they have created harm by sewing more racial division.

Look back to when U.S. schools were finally integrated, or Rosa Parks refused to sit at the back or the bus, or African Americans took great risk in sitting at lunch counters, or the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. led protest marches. If we had used Mr. Mazzuca’s criteria, perhaps none of these actions would have been taken. Because I’m sure that in the short run, more friction than unanimity was created.

As Dr. King stated so well, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” As a people, we must protest as we see fit without regard to short-term discomfort. Change creates friction, and to avoid such is to ignore injustice.

Mr. Mazzuca also weaponizes voting rights by comparing voter registration to owning and regulating a firearm. I believe in the Second Amendment and also believe that a minuscule amount of voter fraud exists. But to argue that we should conduct background checks on voters just like we should on gun owners is a false equivalent.

I doubt that any voter fraud has ever led to the same consequences as someone owning a gun who shouldn’t. By implying that great harm has come through voter fraud, Mr. Mazzuca ignores the less fortunate who don’t have the means to carry a driver’s license or secure a passport, and he throws his hat in the ring of conspiracy theorists who have continually been shown to be wrong on the impacts of voter fraud.

I will leave it to others to determine what underlies Mr. Mazzuca’s motivations and biases.


Mark J. Kogan


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