McCann for Eagle-Vail Metro District, to maintain and improve community (letter) |

McCann for Eagle-Vail Metro District, to maintain and improve community (letter)

For my Eagle-Vail friends and neighbors: My name is Ken McCann, and I’m running for a seat on the Eagle-Vail Metro District board. As an avid skier and mountain biker, I uprooted myself from suburban New York after visiting some family here in Colorado during the summer of 2013. Spending no more than a few days on the decision, I made Eagle-Vail my new home, after seeing our beautiful amenities, meeting the friendly residents and experiencing our amazing spirit of optimism and community.

My reason for running is quite simple and is best summarized by the words of Coretta Scott King: “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

Eagle-Vail finds itself at a pivotal moment in its trajectory as a municipality. We face a number of challenges that will require collaboration, input from community residents and absentee residents and Mrs. King’s sentiments regarding compassion shared by all stakeholders — which unfortunately seems to be in short supply during recent meetings at the pavilion.

We are so fortunate to live and/or own in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, in a community with a healthy sense of investment and so much to offer. My goal is to find innovative, new solutions to generate revenue and reduce costs in order to maintain and improve the quality of life in Eagle-Vail, keeping this a wonderful place to raise a family, live, work and visit.

I want to share some of the qualities I possess, which I believe would come of value to our board and residents. Professionally, for the last 12 years, I solve complex problems related to information security for large enterprises. My most recent tenure includes four years working with The Walt Disney Co., where I guided multiple large-scale projects to completion, enabling me to collaborate closely with stakeholders across the many segments and subsidiaries that comprise Disney.

As a board member of my homeowner association, I have experience sharing ideas with owners and other board members to balance budgets, maintain and improve our little slice of Eagle-Vail. I have spent countless hours volunteering in projects throughout the valley, including Habitat for Humanity, maintaining and expanding our trail systems with the Eagle-Vail Trails Committee and the Vail Valley Mountain Bike Association, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, building a website for the Eagle-Vail Community Garden, community cleanup days and the Avon Special Events crew.

As a young homeowner in our community, I believe I bring a fresh perspective and a new set of eyes to our challenges. I am an informed, engaged and independent leader who actively listens and works to effect change.

In all of my experiences, both professional and public, it’s become clear to me that collaborative accomplishments and growth require all participants to listen, truly listen, in order to understand the ideas, tools and options available to achieve a common goal.

All too easily, this process can be broken down by personal agendas, ego and the inability to understand the needs of the community. We must come together and remember that we all have more in common than that which divides us, and with your vote in this May 8 election, I intend to lead in such a manner.

Ken McCann


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