Menconi: It’s an act of self-love to be an activist, as we are one shared collective consciousness (column) |

Menconi: It’s an act of self-love to be an activist, as we are one shared collective consciousness (column)

Arn Menconi
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It’s an illusion to think the United States is a democracy or, for that matter, any country is today. In 2018, countries aren’t governed to protect their borders. Modern capitalism has taken over governments, and now multinational companies own politicians who get them cheap access to needed raw materials and products, create casino financing to borrow and speculate with militaries provided to them to protect their interests paid for by the taxpayers.

I have been arrested in Washington, D.C., and New York fighting endless wars for profit four times in the past three years, worked with America’s most famous whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg on his latest book, “The Doomsday Machine,” and spent hours each day trying to bring awareness to what President Donald Trump has said is $7 trillion spent in America’s wars in the Middle East, to try to save lives. Here’s why:

Most will say that there is no anti-war movement. True, but let me suggest why it is in your best interest to be for peace in a way you might have not considered before: It’s in your own self-interest.

Neuroscientists now claim we have upwards of 32 senses. Carl Jung talked about the collective conscientiousness. Mother Teresa said Americans are the least happy of all the people in the world because we are so lonely.

The interconnection between all living things cannot bring suffering to one continent or people without affecting another, suffering manifest equally. It cannot be disconnected when we are all interconnected.

Hating Trump brings about greater hate. The angrier I get, the more anger I create in my heart and actions. When I read about the increase in overdose, I can’t help but think it’s a result of our killing millions through endless wars. When I read about depression increasing, I can’t help but think it’s because of our nation’s disconnect to our actions through wanting more and more stuff.

Happiness doesn’t come through finding the perfect mate, more money or fame (sex drugs and rock ’n’ roll). You can’t take a pill to stop what we are doing to others through our ignorance. It’s as simple as if we shot ourselves in the foot thinking it won’t hurt our ability to walk.

I believe that America’s militarism, racism, materialism and sexism oppress the world through military intervention. Corporate capitalism and global warming have resulted in higher addiction, loneliness, divorce, suicide, mass shootings, depression, anxiety and despair.

Think about how at a concert, the vibe is shared, and when it goes off, the entire crowd goes off. Now expand that to suffering and think about an example. Why confine it to only a venue when the venue is our souls, or whatever you want to call it?

We are one shared collective consciousness with more senses than scientists will ever discover. Before the advent of artificial intelligence, we need to discover our natural intelligence and bring compassion and love to the greatest suffering in the world in order to bring happiness to ourselves.

Treat yourself with love, for if you are self-destructive, you perpetuate the cycle of suffering in the world.

Arn Menconi, of Carbondale, is a former Eagle County commissioner and former executive director of SOS Outreach.

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