Metro District candidate: No need for housing in east end of Eagle-Vail (letter) |

Metro District candidate: No need for housing in east end of Eagle-Vail (letter)

Dear Eagle-Vail homeowners: The Eagle-Vail circus begins with a new mail-in Metro District election on May 8.

I have served on the Metro Board from 2004 to 2012, owned in Eagle-Vail since 1998 and lived in Eagle County since 1969.

A recent rumor says I will sell our east end ball fields to developers for 500 to 600 units of affordable housing and personally make lots of money. Not true or possible. I have always advocated for Eagle-Vail keeping all of the parks, fields, parking lots and other facilities as the crown jewel assets.

Affordable housing at the east end makes no sense. Drive the road to Homestake Peak School before or after school and imagine the extra traffic of 500 to 600 units. Eagle-Vail does not need or deserve that experience.

I was on previous Eagle-Vail Metro Boards that solved many financial difficulties of the early 2000s. It can be done again. I can assist.

Please consider voting for me, Bob Finlay, for the Eagle-Vail Metro District Board. I have no hidden agenda. Ask your neighbors in Eagle-Vail about my honesty, integrity and previous work for the board. Do not believe all you hear or read. Check it out with other residents of your community and vote accordingly.

Bob Finlay


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