Minturn mayor: Share your opinion through your vote on Tuesday, April 3 (letter) |

Minturn mayor: Share your opinion through your vote on Tuesday, April 3 (letter)

Minturn has a municipal election coming up Tuesday, April 3. You could be forgiven for not knowing that. Maybe it’s not big news for the valley. But it is big news for Minturn. I am running for another term as mayor, and I hope you will get to town hall Tuesday and vote.

You’ll notice I didn’t ask for your vote. I mean, we don’t just vote for someone because they ask, right? Public service is not a career for we small-town servants. We do it because we love our community and are rewarded by seeing the progress and direction it takes while we are at the wheel.

And that is what I hope you will consider when you vote: What direction do you want Minturn to take toward its future?

In the past two years, the Town Council and I have worked to establish strong relationships with the rest of the valley. I serve on Eagle County’s Housing Authority advisory board in order to be part of the broad community dialogue on housing solutions and how Minturn may be a part of that. We have worked with ECO Transit to improve service to Minturn (coming this fall!). We supported Eagle Vail’s efforts to connect to Dowd Junction with a shorter, more practical trail and welcomed Vail Recreation District with the Kids Mini-Mile bike race.

We have worked for better communications with our community. Our new town manager, Michelle Metteer, and our staff have already made great improvements, with more to come.

We have created incentives for residents and businesses to improve their curb appeal with the Minturn Beautification program, and we have encouraged community members to unleash their own creativity by providing funding and resources through the Go Minturn Events program. (Check out both programs at

We started the monthly Mondays With the Mayor so we can hang out at local joints and have more casual conversations about Minturn matters. Ultimately, all of our work has been to ensure Minturn maintains the charm, neighborliness and funky character that we all love and live here for.

In the famous novel “The Leopard,” a small, old Italian village is faced with the great political and cultural upheaval of the 1950s. In the face of these great forces, how can a small town maintain its unique charm and strong community? A character in the book observes, “For things to remain the same, everything must change.”

I’d bet a three-duck dinner at the Saloon that every candidate for Minturn mayor and council cares deeply about our town and its irreverent character. What your vote tells us all is how you think we should go about keeping it.

You can watch the recent Minturn Candidates Forum at to help you decide. And I welcome your questions at

Thanks for caring about Minturn and for sharing your opinion with your vote this Tuesday, April 3, at Town Hall.

Matt Scherr

Minturn mayor

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