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Misunderstood terms?

Understanding the definition of “median” can be a challenge. It doesn’t help when an article in the Daily misuses it.

The “median” income of a group of people is the income level where one-half is above and one half is below. If you say that the median income of a town is, for example, $30,000, that means half the people in the town earn more than $30,000, and half earn less.

In his April 2 article titled “Edwards/Eagle County nation’s second most affluent small town,” Mr. Wyrick states, “In Eagle County and Edwards, the median income is $419,000, and 9.5 percent of the annual median household incomes top $200,000.”

The first clause says that half of the population in Eagle County earns more than $419,000. That cannot be correct. What’s the source of this statement?

The second clause is virtually incomprehensible. What it appears to be saying is that 9.5 percent of the households in Eagle County earn more than $200,000. But it’s difficult to tell.

Editors — how about some additional clarification here, and a correction if warranted?

James Harrison

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