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Mixed martial arts event was not the right fit for Vail (letter)

As much as I agree with the need for events during this time in Vail, I am not sure this event really hit the mark (“Let’s try this,” Wednesday, May 2, Vail Daily editorial).

I commend the events committee for bringing in an event (most people would not even volunteer their time for a committee like this), but in the strata of mixed-martial arts, the LFA is on the low-budget end, and although AXS TV has been doing Friday Night Fights for 14 years, most people have not heard of this channel and it is buried so deep most of us cannot find it on the cable guide.

Also, all the people who “made a night of it” will not be as large as many think. The options in Vail Village are very slim at this time. One member of the special events committee had her restaurant closed that weekend. Either the crowd wouldn’t be large enough, or she didn’t want to deal with the crowd it brought.

With all the construction and lack of open businesses, what about Vail were we highlighting? I know it is a chicken and the egg scenario. Do we need more events and businesses open during the “offseason” to bring tourists, or do we need more tourists to drive the businesses and events? I think the first scenario fits, but we need more business leaders to buy in.

Another fact is this event was scheduled during a period of increasing violence and bullying in our community. Events like this are not family-friendly, and with most of the country still in school, how much outside tourism is it really going to bring? Yes, it is an event, but Vail can and should have higher standards.

Bart Longworth


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