Modest Mouse left us wanting more, and that’s a good thing |

Modest Mouse left us wanting more, and that’s a good thing

Modest Mouse rocked Snow Days, and the crowd reacted accordingly.
Photo by Sean Naylor

For the first time ever, I saw a crowd surfer at a concert in Vail; five, to be exact. One of them was wearing a cow onesie.

As someone who often travels to Denver for rowdier concert fare, that itch was finally scratched closer to home, where I could kick back and ride the bus after my legs were tired from dancing like a fool.

I know I’m not alone here; if you were there on Friday night, you too, know that you saw something that is rare for our area.

Modest Mouse rocked Snow Days, and the crowd responded accordingly.

Sure, they played “Float On,” but that was hardly the highlight of the evening. Their set paid tribute to both the old and the new, appealing to the palates of longtime fans as well as the less-familiar, who were simply in search of a good time. Well, they found it here.

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As a member of the former, I found their live version of “The World at Large” to be their best of the night, even though that’s one I usually breeze through when listening to the “Good News for People Who Love Bad News” album. Nonetheless, the sound of a unified crowd mumbling “bum bum bum bum bum bum bahhhumm,” overwhelmed me with joy, and has been ringing in my head since.

As they played through their set, the intensifying storm dumped snow upon our heads, and the crowd’s energy only ramped up.

After their closing song, something else happened that I haven’t heard much of out here: A fervid chanting of “Encore, encore!” Usually, this ritual doesn’t take long to get a band back out on stage. Modest Mouse, however, waited this one out to the point where many gave up and started heading for the exit.

That’s when they came back on stage, to deliver one of the lengthiest encores I’ve seen at any concert, anywhere.  How many songs did they play — four, five, six? Who was even counting, anyway? Whatever the count, it wasn’t enough. Modest Mouse left the people wanting more.

It was a great evening; kudos to the town of Vail, Vail Mountain and all the sponsors for putting it on. Also, let this be an example of the type of energy that many of us crave at concerts. Maybe even bring Modest Mouse back next time, for another epic encore?

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