Molloy: Sunday Gathering is gathering steam |

Molloy: Sunday Gathering is gathering steam

Melanie Molloy
Special to the Daily

Sunday Gathering came out of a need for more all-inclusive community events; events that occur regularly and all-year around and develop deeper relationships among the members of our community. As of January, we’ve met every month on the first Sunday for nine months! We’re approaching our one-year anniversary and I just can’t believe it.

We’ve had large groups and small crowds; we’ve eaten mac-n-cheese and beautiful salads, as well as incredible desserts. We’ve sung some catchy tunes and sometimes have the privilege of being led by one of the best singers in the valley. Our topics have included: thankfulness, community building, the value of parents, supporting struggling friends and family members, being vulnerable, and we’ve had special speakers who’ve led us in creating beautiful art and considering intentional travel. We’ve also donated school supplies to kids in Eagle County, toys to families in need during the December holidays and clothing/supplies for people who’ve experienced a sudden loss.

My dream is that Sunday Gathering will forever provide a place where anyone can feel welcome and find support from the community. Dreaming and creating something are not the hard parts for me. It’s what I do. I like to build new things, develop new ideas and try new ways.

For me, the tough part comes now. It comes with small decisions, with the day-to-day tasks. Over the last year, we’ve developed consistency in our meeting location at Avon Town Hall, our potluck dinners, and meeting on the first Sunday of each month.

In February, we are “supposed” to meet on Feb.2, if we follow our norm of the first Sunday of the month. But, guess what is happening at 5:30 p.m. on that day? Yep, the Super Bowl.

And, I know some of you go crazy for this day every year and others could care less. It’s not for everyone. But many people, young and old, look forward to the friendships that are cultivated, the nachos that are gooey and the commercials that are talked about for weeks. And it’s that camaraderie that is important to our mission at Sunday Gathering. We don’t meet on Sundays for religious reasons; in fact, our time together is always non-religious. We meet on Sundays purely because it’s a common day for many people to have off from work or have returned from their weekend adventures.

We meet in order to inspire each other to live the best life we can while we’re on this earth. So, the last thing we want to do is take people away from the family and friends that they look forward to spending time with the first weekend in February each year. And since the game isn’t going to change its broadcast date or time, then we have been thinking that maybe we should veer away from our hard and fast rule of meeting on the first Sunday of every month, just this one time. Maybe this change can be a force for additional growth of our community.

If you know me, you ‘ll know that once they are in place, I don’t like to veer away from rules or policies — that’s just how I’m wired — we’re all different. But, as I get older (yep, that’s happening too) and hopefully wiser, I’m learning that it’s not all about me and my needs and sometimes changing things up a bit can be invigorating. What I do know about myself is that Sunday Gathering is something I love and I know that it provides a place for community building. And that’s why we’ve chosen to change it up by postponing our February gathering by one week and meeting on Feb. 9 instead.

So in February, we want all of you to enjoy SuperBowl Sunday any way you choose, with friends and family and a big plate of nachos or out on the trail with your dog, or maybe even reading a book alone. Then, the following weekend, Sunday, Feb. 9, consider joining us for Sunday Gathering at the New Town Hall in Avon at 5:30 p.m., where we will always have something to talk about and a potluck meal to share!

Melanie Molloy is the organizer of Sunday Gathering, a regular, non-religious space where we can learn together, help each other and celebrate this life we have. Email us at

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