Moore: Help guard our local tax dollars and safety through Community Trust Project resolution (column) |

Moore: Help guard our local tax dollars and safety through Community Trust Project resolution (column)

Arlan Moore
Valley Voices

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Eagle County’s public service and law enforcement agencies and departments are responsible to, and paid for by, the residents of Eagle County and its guests. They are here to serve and protect the residents of Eagle County and to put their safety and well-being first, before anything else.

Among those residents are people who are not here legally under the federal laws of our nation. Dealing with that situation is the job of federal agencies that are instituted, administered and paid for by the federal government and our federal taxes.

On Jan. 25, the President of the United States of America issued an executive order titled “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States”. That executive order is an attempt by the federal government to turn our local law enforcement agencies into agencies with the power to enforce federal immigration laws, while having local governments foot the bill for that enforcement. Enforcing federal laws is not the job of our local law enforcement agencies, and we should not have to pay for them to do so.

A group of concerned local citizens, who call themselves the Community Trust Project, has drafted a resolution for Eagle County titled the Eagle County “Community Trust Project” Resolution. The resolution seeks to define the guidelines necessary for our local departments and agencies to do the jobs that they are intended to do, while neither aiding nor impeding the efforts of federal agencies, which are also working on our behalf in our county.

Our local departments and agencies must be able to utilize their resources to directly benefit the people who are paying for them. They must not be asked to endanger the safety and well-being of the residents of Eagle County by trying to do a job that they were never intended to do and should not be asked to do. Causing residents of our community to be afraid to contact local law enforcement or public service agencies for help, or to assist them, because those agencies are seen to be aiding in the enforcement of federal immigration laws does not make us safer or better off.

Some members of our community are afraid to go to the Eagle County courthouse due to the presence of federal agents on the premises. This issue is deeply, and negatively, affecting the ability of our local justice and law enforcement systems to function in a manner that benefits our community, and we are paying for it.

A petition asking Eagle County government, the local governments of its included municipalities and the law enforcement and public service agencies and departments of those various jurisdictions to adopt the Eagle County “Community Trust Project” Resolution has been posted on

If you are a registered voter residing in Eagle County, then please take the time to read and sign the petition and add your personal comments and the location of your residence there. Please do not sign the petition if you are not a registered voter who is residing in Eagle County.

Our community service organizations are here to put our safety and well-being first. Please support the petition that will help to enable them to continue to do that. Thank you for your time and your consideration of this issue,

Arlan Moore lives in McCoy.

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