Mr. Carnes, try a little less condescending and insulting language to make your point (letter) |

Mr. Carnes, try a little less condescending and insulting language to make your point (letter)

Mr. Carnes: The second paragraph of your column (“It’s beginning to make sense,” Tuesday, Jan. 30) pretty clearly sums up your approach to the current administration, as well as those who support, have supported and voted for its election:

“OK, I think I get it. I’m pretty sure I now understand why Trump supporters remain seated when asked to publicly stand up for the man’s character: The blissful beauty of embraceable ignorance.”

What a silly and clueless insult. This might as well have been a press release from various Democratic political camps.

I would guess if you poll a cross-section of either party, those on the Republican side of the aisle would be more knowledgeable of their party’s stance and could verbalize that. (I don’t mean verbalizing with a string of insults or negative innuendos.) This, however, is just my guess, and I do not wish to use this writing as a “bully pulpit.” We can allow the readers to make that distinction for themselves.

You may not be a member of the Republican or Democratic party, but those words clearly place you on the side of discord. You care little for any accomplishments (refer to my past note) and prefer to resort to the Democratic catchwords: insults of the administration and its followers. That will garner no decent retort or discussion, which I believe you don’t really care to have anyway.

Insults, name-calling and the like are clear signs you are not concerned about the current administration’s failure, but rather, you are hysterical of its current successes and future successes. Try to approach your editorials with a little less condescending and insulting language. It may elicit the responses that I would hope you would seek. Some readers are fed up with sarcasm and slurs from both sides of the aisle and recognize the intentions of the author. Unfortunate more aren’t!


Robert J. Graff

Highland Beach, Florida

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