Need employees? Give someone with less experience a chance (letter) |

Need employees? Give someone with less experience a chance (letter)

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how we have a shortage of workers here in the Vail Valley and how difficult it is to fill positions with qualified people. It is my opinion that part of the problem is the current hiring process.

The current online application process is tedious and impersonal. It can take weeks to receive an automated response, and even then, it can take another week or two to finally have an interview and finish the hiring process. Many of these jobs are entry-level, such as bussing, bagging groceries, stocking, cashier positions or working in the fast-food industry. There are many people seeking a job who are willing, able and anxious but perhaps have limited work experience or don’t look good on paper.

In this current day and age, there is so little personal contact and feedback. Gone are the days where you could walk in to an establishment with a smile and a handshake and walk out with a job. There are so many hoops to jump through and so many rejections to endure without ever even having the chance to meet someone face to face. It shouldn’t be this hard to find an entry-level job, especially in a town that claims that there is a shortage in the workforce.

There are many young people out there knocking on doors, and if you happen to be the business that opens that door, you’ll find hard workers who are anxious to learn. You’ll also be instilling confidence and helping them to develop a solid, lifelong work ethic. Give them a chance, be willing to spend a little extra time to train and mentor them, and you may be giving them the skills and experience they need to take on future challenges, both in work and in life.

Beth Swearingen


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