Negative propaganda against Victor Mitchell a disgusting turnoff (letter) |

Negative propaganda against Victor Mitchell a disgusting turnoff (letter)

Dear editor: The four Republican candidates for Colorado governor are all decent people. I have met all of them more than once. They are, alphabetically, Greg Lopez, Victor Mitchell, Doug Robinson and Walker Stapleton. Any one of them would make a great governor of Colorado.

I will not tell Republicans and unaffiliated voters which one of them to vote for in the Tuesday, June 26, primary, because Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t told me how to vote yet.

However, the three hit pieces that I received at the Avon Post Office this month by the so-called “Real Colorado Conservatives,” Andrea Fields, registered agent, which trashed Republican candidate Victor Mitchell, are disgusting.

Clearly, someone is worried about Mitchell possibly winning the Republican primary. When this type of garbage becomes part of our election season, it only makes me consider Mitchell’s candidacy even more.


Michael Cacioppo


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