Noble: It’s about her, not us |

Noble: It’s about her, not us

“Comparison is the thief of joy,” observed President Theodore Roosevelt. Joyless is but one emotion I experience when comparing Rep. Lauren Boebert, whose 3rd Congressional District includes the western portion of Eagle County, and Rep. Joe Neguse, whose 2nd Congressional District spans the eastern portion of Eagle County.

While not as forgettable as her predecessor, Boebert’s notoriety arises more from her antics than her work ethic. She has sponsored 14 bills since taking the oath of office and an additional seven concurrent resolutions. To be clear, little of this legislation was conceived out of whole cloth from Boebert.

Some of her bills were previously introduced by her predecessor, whom she primaried. Bits and pieces were taken from other bills currently under consideration. However, most of her legislation consists of partisan stunts, so it is unsurprising that not a single Democrat has co-sponsored any of her legislation. Boebert’s bills are little more than feeble suggestions destined to go nowhere, which is a good thing.

Boebert fritters away her time in Washington eschewing collaboration and going all in on rank partisanship. Her bill H.R.3014 – 30 x 30 Termination Act, prohibits the federal government from acquiring private land in an attempt to thwart President Joe Biden’s goal of protecting 30% of U.S. lands and waters by 2030. Her bill H.R.1613 – Stop the Biden Caravan Now Act exemplifies her partisan schtick and requires Homeland Security to transfer all equipment used to secure the Capitol following the Jan. 6 insurrection to the southern border. She shows her “drill baby drill” hand on H.R.859 – Protecting American Energy Jobs Act, which seeks to limit the president’s authority to withdraw federal land and waters from extraction activities.

More disturbing than her ineffectual bills are the votes she has cast, including those motivated by her slavish devotion to the former president. She began her career in Congress attempting to disenfranchise the voters from entire states — Arizona and Pennsylvania — by voting to decertify the electors from those states.

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She voted against awarding Congressional Gold Medals to police who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6.

She has voted against bills with broad bipartisan support such as H.R. 941: Transplant Act of 2021. The only other “nay” vote was Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, her sister deplorable.

So much for supporting the troops, she voted against the Defense Reauthorization Act. Maybe she thinks we can replace the U.S. military with the militia she claims to belong to.

By voting against HR 2668, the Consumer Protection and Recovery Act, she voted against protecting consumers from fraudulent business practices. Maybe this one hit too close to home as her life is littered with ethical lapses.

During her campaign, Boebert’s many entanglements with the law came to light including arrests and allowing her pit bulls to menace her neighborhood. Since then, The Denver Post reporting has provided ample reasons to question Boebert’s integrity —from excessive mileage reimbursements to personal use of campaign funds.

She failed to disclose that her husband was compensated nearly $1 million over two years by Terra Energy for work as a drilling foreman. A typical annual salary for a drilling foreman is one-fifth what Jayson Boebert was paid. Boebert makes liberal use of the term “swampy” perhaps because it is her natural habitat.

Many in Eagle County and across the country received much-needed stimulus checks this year, no thanks to Boebert who voted against the stimulus package, which also included aid to state and local governments.

Weathering the pandemic and resulting economic fallout, it has been acknowledged that while we are not in the same boat, we are in the same storm. Rather than devise policies to survive the storm and aid her constituents, Boebert would rather blame the storm on Democrats.

Meanwhile, Neguse has sponsored 43 bills in the 117th Congress tackling serious issues such as an endangered fish recovery program, improved access to outdoor recreation, and expanded access to broadband and technology at rural schools. His bill expanded Rocky Mountain National Park. He continues to champion the CORE Act which would protect 400,000 acres of public land in Colorado. Neguse has had nine bills signed into law and has hosted 48 town halls.

Boebert has yet to meet publicly with constituents in Eagle County, preferring instead private fundraising events. Her tenure in office represents a toxic mix of political malice, delusions of competence, self-aggrandizing fame seeking. By not working with others, she is not working for us.

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