Nonprofit I-70 Coalition encourages voters to support Proposition 110 (letter) |

Nonprofit I-70 Coalition encourages voters to support Proposition 110 (letter)

The I-70 Coalition, a nonprofit organization representing 27 local governments and businesses, strongly supports Proposition 110.

The gas tax is the primary mechanism for funding transportation in Colorado, but it becomes less and less useful as fuel efficiency increases and hybrid and electric vehicles become more prevalent. Population growth, a diminishing source of revenue and strong demands from competing state priorities — including education, health care and public safety — have created a backlog of $9 billion in transportation projects.

It’s been nearly three decades since we last changed how Colorado funds transportation. We need a new funding source to fix our roads.

Proposition 110 would increase the state’s sales tax by 0.62 percent, a little more than half a cent on a dollar purchase, and the increase would sunset after 20 years. Forty-five percent of the new revenue will go directly to 107 high-priority Colorado Department of Transportation projects. Forty percent of new funds is returned to cities and counties to prioritize projects that impact their communities.

Fifteen percent of the new revenue would be dedicated to fund multi-modal efforts like senior bus service, bike lanes and pedestrian infrastructure. Proposition 110 also ensures that the 39.7 million visitors who use our roads also pay their share.

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Eagle County and Interstate 70 stand to benefit greatly if voters support Prop. 110. The Dowd Canyon Interchange would be reconstructed and upgraded, and the west side of Vail Pass would be expanded to three lanes in both directions. In addition to these projects, each town and the county would receive additional funds to spend on their locally determined road, transit, bike or pedestrian projects.

Additional I-70 projects on the Prop 110 project list include the westbound Floyd Hill widening and redesign, a westbound Mountain Express Lane, widening eastbound I-70 between Frisco and Silverthorne, and a complete redesign and reconstruction of both the Silverthorne (exit 205) and Frisco (exit 203) interchanges.

Proposition 110 is the result of extensive research and public polling by a large bipartisan coalition of stakeholders, including the I-70 Coalition. This coalition has representation from every part of Colorado and has identified the sales tax as the preferred funding mechanism to secure transportation funding for the future of Colorado. By creating an annual, predictable and guaranteed funding stream, a small increase in the sales tax will ensure that long overdue projects are finally built.

As members of the I-70 Coalition, we encourage your support of Proposition 110.

Eagle County Commissioners

Avon Town Council

Minturn Town Council

Vail Town Council

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