Norton: BAAMING our way into 2022 |

Norton: BAAMING our way into 2022

There was no one else in the hotel gym that morning. The music playing in her earbuds was upbeat, fast-paced and loud. Almost loud enough to drown out her heavy breathing as she neared the end of a high intensity workout. There was no one else around, she was spent, and she could have easily ended her workout in that moment without anyone else knowing it. But she would know it, and that’s all that mattered.

Not only did she complete her last few sets, but she also added another minute of cardio and one extra set of push-ups — BAAM.

The workday was coming to an end. It had been a brutal day of calling prospects and customers. He was coming up on the end of his sales year and he needed at least three more sales to reach his annual quota. His colleagues were getting ready to pack it in for the day. Laptops were closing, headsets were laid on desks and plans were being made to meet up for a drink after work. Instead of shutting down, he resolved to make at least 10 more calls before he left. Those 10 calls went fast, as no one answered.

As he was about to stand up and go join his teammates, he dialed one more number. The person answered. The call took 45 minutes, and he made the sale — BAAM.

Christmas was coming up quickly. Ever since they were married, they were a dual-income household, raising three children. This past year had been rough; they both had to find new employment opportunities. Although it wasn’t ideal, they were also both working second jobs to cover their bills, including a tuition payment that was due, and provide a decent Christmas for the family. They were tired, exhausted and, although they knew they just needed to stick it out for another few weeks, for their own personal health and well-being, they were going to quit their part-time jobs.

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Over coffee the next morning they rallied and encouraged one another to make it through one more week. They did, and then one more week, and then the final week, too — BAAM.

So, what is this whole BAAM thing anyway? BAAM stands for, “Block and a Mailbox.” When the great motivational speaker Zig Ziglar set a goal to get into better shape, he needed to start running. The first day he ran only a block. The second day, he ran a block and a mailbox. The third day he ran a block and two mailboxes. Each day he just went a little further than he did the day before. Each day he gave just a little more, worked a little harder, and didn’t give in. That became one of the hallmarks of his life, BAAM.

Known as one of the greatest motivational speakers and encouragers in the last century, not only did he follow his own BAAM guidance in everything that he did, but he also taught all of us who studied his works and heard him speak, how to do the same thing. Do a little more, reach a little higher, go further than you think you can, live more, love harder, laugh often and learn as much as we possibly can. To this day, when I feel like I have had enough or reached my limit, I ask myself if I can get to the next mailbox in front of me, and I BAAM it.

It has been a tiring, past 21 months. There is so much going on and on many different fronts. Until now, it could have been easy to fall into the trap of giving up and giving in. But now we know better, and you may love me or hate me for this, because now all we have to do is look at what is just a little further ahead of us and go for it. I would love to hear your BAAM story at and when we do just a little bit more to reach our goals and dreams, it really will be a better than good year.

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