Norton: Disruptive tenacity destroys destructive behaviors |

Norton: Disruptive tenacity destroys destructive behaviors

The push is on. With three months to go, many of us will be pushing through to meet and exceed our corporate goals and our personal objectives. Some of us are so close we can taste victory, and many have already surpassed where they thought they would be at this time of the year. They crushed it.

And for others, they are finding themselves in one of two places. The first is that they are still on track and have a good shot at making their numbers or hitting their goal. The push is on for them and the effort is still very real. However, there are others who have already given up, and instead of focusing on what they can still do in 2019, they are reverting to old habits and comfort zones while they make promises of making changes and improvements in 2020.

For those of you who may have given up already, don’t. Giving up is destructive behavior. Instead of allowing destructive behaviors to influence our outcomes, how about we try disruptive tenacity? When fighting the feeling of giving up, we also find ourselves fighting off destructive behaviors.

When something isn’t working or we don’t see the finish line on the horizon, we tend to start falling back into our comfort zone. Maybe we even slip back into old routines and habits. That is why it isn’t as simple as just being tenacious. Although being tenacious is awesome, it’s about disruptive tenacity. And disruptive tenacity is awesomeness.

Here’s why. In order to break through a setback of any kind, or to go beyond where we may have plateaued, we typically need to do something we have never done before. We need to be disruptive to our routines. In last week’s column, we talked about challenging our excuses to achieve success. Well if we are in the habit of making excuses, we need to disrupt that habit. We need to break through that destructive behavior, and sometimes the best way to accomplish that is through disruptive tenacity.

If we can look at everything in our life that is holding us back, and then commit to doing whatever it takes to change those habits, routines, and comfort zones, that is disruptive tenacity. Disrupting the status quo of our lives and our businesses to push us to places where we have always dreamed of going.

The word disruption used to be considered a negative word. In today’s world companies are looking for disruptive thinking, disruptors to the status quo, and they are definitely looking for disruption in tired and antiquated business practices. Disruption in our personal lives can be viewed the same way as we think differently, even think disruptively when it comes to doing things the same old way.

And you know we do things the same old way because that is the way we have always done them. Maybe it’s the way our mother or father always did them. Maybe it’s the way our boss or manager always did them. Maybe it’s the same way our coach or friend always did things. Well if we are here with three months left to go and we are not sure if the year will be good or bad, maybe it is the perfect time for a little disruptive tenacity.

Three months to go gives us plenty of time to make up ground if we will put in the effort. And just think about how much better we can position ourselves for 2020 if we start today. Just remember that when we give up or cave into mediocrity, we will do it every year, not just this year.

So how about you? Will 2019 be everything you hoped it would be? I would love to hear how you plan on disrupting your next three months to achieve success at and when we can become disruptive disruptors breaking our old habits and behaviors, it really will be a better than good week.

Michael Norton is the Chief Revenue Officer for Eventus Solutions Group, a strategic consultant, business, and personal coach, and motivational speaker. He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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