Norton: Finding success in second chances and third chances and more chances (column) |

Norton: Finding success in second chances and third chances and more chances (column)

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

It is said Thomas Edison tried and failed 10,000 times before successfully inventing the light bulb. And when it comes to trying and failing and finally succeeding, Abraham Lincoln’s attempts at running for political office and finally becoming the president of the United States is a story often told when teaching lessons learned while going through the journey from defeat to victory.

But today’s column is not about failure; it is about success. It is about the success we can find in our second chances, third chances, fourth chances and more chances.

Just think about it for a moment. Here we are with postseason baseball upon us. We are in the middle of the Division Championships and World Series. And as I was watching one of the games between the Yankees and Astros the other night, the announcers were discussing Yankee outfielder Aaron Judge. Aaron Judge hit 52 home runs this year. He won the Home Run Derby during the All-Star game in July.

But as of the night I was watching the game, his playoff performance was incredibly poor, with only two hits out of 37 at-bats. Just as the announcers were discussing his inability to hit curve balls and sliders in the playoffs, Judge launches a home run. And on the very next night, he hits another home run. Second chances and more chances without giving up. He didn’t give up on himself, and his coach didn’t give up on him, either.

By the way, I am not a Yankee fan, just a baseball fan. And hey, who doesn’t love a home run, right? A home run in baseball or a home run in life, both are awesome to watch.

You see, it’s not just about baseball, light bulbs and running for a political office; it is about our ability to be resilient and take those second chances, maybe even multiple chances in life. Even if we have felt the despair of loss and disappointment, even when we feel like we have already tried and failed, it’s in those very moments that we need to find our resilience and get after it again, whatever “it” is.

This is also about giving others second chances or third chances or fourth chances or more chances. Sure, there are situations where one too many chances is enough to give anyone, especially if they have hurt us or others. That is not what I am talking about here.

I am talking about recognizing that people who we love and who love us, people who we work with or who work for us, people who have the heart to want to succeed, people who want their relationship to succeed, these are the people we want to give those multiple chances to so they can eventually get it right and find their own success. Maybe it even means you find success and happiness together.

So, how about you? Have you run out of chances yourself or can you give it one or more tries? Have you given others enough chances and worked with them to get it right, or have they run out of chances, too.

I love hearing your stories each week and would love to have you share them with me again at my email,, and when we can find success in our second chances and more chances, it really will be a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a former resident of Edwards, the past president of the Zig Ziglar Corp., strategic consultant and business and personal coach.

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