Norton: Halloween is the perfect time for transformational success |

Norton: Halloween is the perfect time for transformational success

Halloween is an interesting time of year where children of all ages get to dress up and have a little fun pretending to be someone or something that they are not. For some of us, our costumes are just a slight change or modification from who we really are, and for others, the costume is such an extreme makeover, no one recognizes who we are at all. It’s not until the mask is removed and everyone has a good laugh or moment of disbelief.

Halloween is also an interesting time of year because it’s right about now when we realize where we really are when it comes to the achievement of our annual personal and professional goals. It’s a time of year when we might realize that we may not be where we really wanted to be by now.

If we are meeting with and exceeding expectations, we know exactly who we are and what we have achieved. If we are just a little off, we may still be wearing the costume or mask, and hoping no one notices, or that we can slide under the radar for a while longer. I mean it’s Halloween, and before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here, and then the Hanukkah and Christmas holidays will lead us right into the New Year.

And now we start thinking and believing that it’s OK to keep the mask on, continue to wear our costume of performance until we can regroup and start all over again in January. After all, when we are wearing our costume, it’s easy to hide, isn’t it?

Indeed, Halloween is an interesting time of year. And it can also be an amazingly fun and energizing time of year. A time of year when we realize that there is still more than enough time to transform ourselves, and not just by putting on a superhero cape. We have time to make the changes we need and want to make so that we can transform our success.

There is always good news, and the good news is that we still have time to do an analysis of where we succeeded and where we failed. Good or bad, we can take the time to understand how we got there and assess our results. Once we know where we are and how we arrived there, we can better forecast our future and what it will look like if we stay the course of success, or if we don’t make the changes necessary to realize the results that we desire. And when we see how this all comes together, we can create a plan, allowing us to surpass our previous successes and overcome any challenges and barriers to our success. 

And just like at Halloween where there is always a Mickey to match Minnie Mouse, and a Mrs. to her Mr. Potato Head, we never have to go it alone when it comes to planning for and achieving success. As a matter of fact, most people and companies who set goals and achieve their goals have the support of a coach, a family member, a trusted friend, or an advisor. Now as you think about continuing to surpass your expectations or making the changes in your life so that you can surpass your expectations, think about who you can lean on to help you get there.

So how about you? Are you staying in costume and staying under the radar until January? Are you well past where you want to be and planning for even greater success in the future? Or can you use a little help in making sure you are using the remainder of 2019 to get ready for transformational success in 2020? As always I would love to hear your story at and when we can celebrate Halloween to have a bunch of fun and to also transform ourselves personally and professionally, it really will be a better than good week.

Michael Norton is the grateful CEO of, a personal and professional coach, and a consultant, trainer, encourager, and motivator to businesses of all sizes.

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