Norton: Minding our own business |

Norton: Minding our own business

“Mind your own business” has probably never felt more literal than right now. With social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, we are finding ourselves with a lot of time at home with our immediate family or roommates, and maybe even on our own. As we are minding our own business, it’s so very important to mind the business of our mind.

We may not be able to control what is happening outside of our homes, but we can absolutely control what we allow into our minds. “Mind your own business” can easily become lost in social media, as people are not short on opinions and feedback. During this time, I am personally seeing so much positivity in the form of music videos, messages, dancing, and other fun and engaging content. And I hope that those who are filling up social media with hope and encouragement will continue to do so.

The other side of that is the negativity that finds its way online. The petty arguments, the sniping, and the backbiting have no place in our minds, right now, or at any time really. I highly recommend cutting those sources out immediately.

Zig Ziglar said, “We are what we are and where we are because of what we put into our mind. We can change what we are and where we are by changing what goes into our mind.”

Spending so much time working from home or in isolation gives us plenty of time to access information and consume content. So, wherever we can find the positive, motivational, uplifting, educational, and inspirational information, I encourage us to lock in on those people and sources who are helping us mind the business of our own mind while shutting out and shutting down the noise of negativity.

Minding our own business can also mean that we learn to spend quiet time reflecting on those things that bring us peace, inspire us, or boost our creativity. Sometimes just sitting quietly is the best way to take care of our mind. Many people find that meditation is helpful, others will spend time in prayer to take care of themselves mentally and spiritually. And others have shared with me that they simply sit quietly and allow their minds to empty as they focus on nothing more than the pace of their breathing.

And whether it’s through meditation, prayer, or just being completely still and quiet, the one thing that everyone shares is that they come out of each with clarity and a greater sense of peace.

Another area we can focus on as we take care of ourselves and our minds is learning how to practice patience. Many people were born with the patience gene, and God bless them, as it is much easier for them to be patient. Others of us missed out on that gene, and patience is work, and takes a lot of practice. Just like choosing what we allow into our minds, we can also choose to be patient and practice patience.

Lastly, as we choose how we mind the business of our mind, let’s remember that the words we choose to live by will be the actions that come out of us. Let’s fill our word bank with love, faith, hope, kindness, patience, fun, family, friendship, forgiveness, happiness, gratitude, belief, smile, laughter, integrity, compassion, passion, strength, charity, creativity, and courage. And as we do, just watch what happens as others see, hear, and feel all the goodness pouring out of us.

How about you? Are you minding your own business, the business of minding your mind? Are you choosing what gets into your mind and what doesn’t? I would love to hear how you are minding your own business at and when we take the time to look after ourselves and protect our minds, it really will be a better than good week.

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