Norton: Momentum is a game-changer |

Norton: Momentum is a game-changer

A shift in momentum is usually extremely palpable. Sometimes the momentum swings in our favor, and sometimes it feels like we have lost it, and lost it quickly. In both cases, we know exactly when it happened. And when momentum does shift, we feel it. I mean, it’s either this massive surge of energy, or it feels like a gut punch.

Here’s what I have learned about momentum — it’s tied to our effort and our attitude. Momentum is a success game changer and the good news is that we are the ones who can have the greatest impact on that momentum when it comes to our success.

In business, especially when I am working with or speaking with highly motivated and super successful selling professionals, I often hear stories of how they move from winning one opportunity right into winning their next one. Even if they had been in a bit of a slump previously, as soon as they get one or two new wins, the momentum energizes them, and they continue to pursue their next opportunity with even more excitement and greater enthusiasm.

A winning attitude fueled by a belief system of success begets success. It has propelled many salespeople and businesses to meet and exceed their goals.

In our personal lives, as we pursue our individual goals, momentum plays a huge role for us too. Whatever goal or dream we are working towards, once we start meeting with a little bit of success, oftentimes we tend to ramp up and amp up our effort and allow our positive and winning attitude to drive us forward.

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In sports, sometimes it seems as if all the momentum is going in one team’s direction. And then, suddenly, a freak play happens and there is a shift or change in momentum. One minute it looks like the team will move on to an easy win, and before they know it, they are the team trying to make a comeback or just hold a slim lead.

It could be that way for us too. We are cruising along in life, riding the wave, building more and more momentum, and out of nowhere a freak play happens in our lives. An injury or illness, a change at work or loss of work, bad or sad news about a loved one — something happens that just stops our momentum in its tracks. It’s that feeling of a gut punch.

Recognizing that this happens to athletes, businesses, and everyday people and that usually it is never planned for and more likely completely unexpected, we must have our own plan for how we will respond when something or someone attacks our momentum. That’s where our effort and our attitude must work together. When the shift in momentum seems to be going against us, one or the other will suffer first. Sometimes it’s our effort: We just give up and give in a little. And before we know it, our poor effort drags our positive attitude down with it. And other times it’s our attitude, and as soon as that happens, our effort slows and eventually stops.

If it’s our attitude that takes the first hit, we need to do as Zig Ziglar always suggested, “give ourselves a check-up from the neck up, and get rid of that stinking thinking.” Get our minds back in the game by calling up our most recent wins and successes. And if it’s our effort or actions that fall off, we simply must put our bodies back in the game. Get back to the day-to-day behaviors we were doing when we had all the momentum on our side.

Momentum is a game-changer when it comes to success. I would love to hear all about how you handle a shift in momentum to make sure you achieve your goals at And when we can make sure that our attitude and effort fuel our positive momentum, it really will be a better than good week.

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