Norton: Once we start, don’t stop |

Norton: Once we start, don’t stop

Have we ever noticed that there was something that we used to do that was awesome in helping us achieve more, make our job a bit easier, or just helped us perform at a higher level — and then for some unexplainable reason, we simply stopped doing it?

Maybe we pick up a book, and as we are reading it, we feel inspired by the guidance, we underscore, highlight and dog-ear the pages, wanting to be able to go back and revisit the wisdom being shared. Then, we recognize that we used to do the very thing that the author is recommending we do. And when we did these things, we were at the top of our game. Yet, at some point, we just stopped doing that which helped us the most.

Last week, we talked about starting something new — taking the first steps necessary to achieve our goals and dreams. And that the best way to stop doing something or breaking a bad habit is by starting a new and better one. This week, let’s keep the momentum going. The encouragement here is that once we are on the right path and doing the right things, we don’t stop.

Momentum is powerful. All it takes is the slightest push forward to get it going. Once we have positive movement towards our goals and dreams, little by little we pick up steam, our confidence grows and we are on our way — we ride the wave as momentum carries us forward.

We need to remember that momentum must be initiated. We must be the ones to engage if we are to get the ball rolling forward. If we expect and allow someone else to start the momentum, all that means is that we are living and working on someone else’s dream and not our own. Or worse, no one is paying attention to what we want, and we are left idle — no movement and stuck.

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All we must do is start. Gentle starts, small steps, baby steps, a slight nudge, just something to get us started and then let the momentum build. Too often, we come out of the gate on fire and pour ourselves completely into a good new habit, project or hobby only to lose the momentum just as quickly. For some, they can start out red hot and remain on fire for what they are doing, and that is always inspiring to see. However, there are many more who need to crawl, walk and then run on their way to success. The important takeaway here is that either way, we keep going, we leverage forward progress, and we don’t allow the ball to start rolling backward toward us.

Now, two weeks into the new year, did the gym membership already look like a bad investment? Or are we sticking it out? Did we write the first chapter of our book and then shelve it? Or are we writing just one page a day and keeping our authoring dream alive? Whatever it is that we are pursuing, if we have decided to start, let’s not stop; it’s too soon and it’s not what we really want. What we really want is to look back 30 days from now and see just how far we have come, and then set our mind on going even farther.

Each day when we wake up, we want to feel excited about the day, about what we can accomplish personally and professionally. We want to look back at the end of every day and feel fulfilled that we did what we said we would do, as we know there is almost no greater feeling than that of achievement.

How is week two going for you? Have you started and your drive and motivation are even stronger than last week? Did you need to hear this message to keep the momentum going? I would love to hear your story at, and when we can keep moving forward, even inch by inch, without stopping, it really will be a better than good year.

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