Norton: Time to press the Energy Button |

Norton: Time to press the Energy Button

We are all familiar with the image of the “Easy Button,” as we have seen it in commercials, in stores, and in advertisements. Many people use is as a funny response to a text or on social media as a GIF or meme. It’s a fantastically simple yet powerful marketing play, and the benefit clearly articulated. It’s easy, and we all want easy.

Lately many of the messages I receive are around energy, or more accurately stated, a lack of energy. People are tired, even exhausted, and I get that. The reasons that many of you provided for feeling a bit lethargic were very similar. Everything from stress, worry, doing work that is not motivating, overworked, feeling unappreciated, and just everything going on in the world. Robin M. asked me this, “Like the ‘Easy Button’ isn’t there some kind of an ‘Energy Button’ that I can just press?”

Before responding I did what anyone of us might do when looking for an answer, I googled it. And like many of the emails that I received, I found the same lists of ideas to become rejuvenated such as midday workouts, stepping away from the current task, hydrating, breathing, and other good ideas.

And here is what I would add:

Step one is to know what energizes us and what sucks the life out of us. It’s not the same for everyone. We are all motivated and inspired by different things. And we all have different activities that we find draining.

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The guidance here in step one is avoidance. If the news is dragging you down, turn it off and stop checking it on your phone 24/7. Some might say they need to stay aware of all that is happening. Trust me on this one, turn it off, unplug, and if something so big happens in the world that you need to know about, someone will tell you, I promise.

Step two is to try and identify the loss of energy as quickly as possible. Think of it this way, like the battery on our cell phone or laptop. It seems like our battery remains full for a long time, but once it starts running down, it runs down quickly. And the lower the battery gets, the faster it runs out. It seems like the gas tank in our car is the same way, doesn’t it? That needle points to full for a long time, but once it starts moving, it’s a fast trip from full to empty.

The trick is to stay ahead of the depletion. Identify the early symptoms and take preventive measures before our personal batteries die or our fuel tanks become dry.

Step one, knowing what sucks the energy from us and avoid those things. Step two is to make a quick diagnosis and stay ahead of the energy loss. This is kind of like taking pain medication after surgery or over-the-counter headache medicine when we first feel the symptoms coming on, getting ahead of it, and staying ahead of it is so much easier.

Step three is having whatever it is that re-energizes us readily available. Coffee, water, mid-day workouts don’t do it for me. However, my Bible does. I have a Bible app on my phone and a physical Bible with me most of the time. I also love a funny joke or powerful inspiring quote like this one by Zig Ziglar: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” If your re-energizer is a walk, a talk with a good friend, a picture of your family, or just some quiet time, then make sure you know how to access those when the energy starts getting low.

Are you struggling staying energized? Is it impacting your ability to work and focus or enjoy quality time with your friends and family? I would love to hear your story at and when we know where to find our ‘Energy Button’ and how and when to press it, this really will be a better than good year.

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